Trova voli economici da Toscana per Pittsburgh


Trova voli economici da Toscana per Pittsburgh

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Recensioni compagnia aerea

Punti positivi: "Felt safe withe the cleanest of the plane"
Punti negativi: "Price"

Punti negativi: "Delta Comfort isn’t so comfortable. Seats are too skinny."

Punti negativi: "Bigger plane."

Punti positivi: "Crew is amazing, seats are pretty good."
Punti negativi: "On time, baggages checked in and were made available on time."

Punti positivi: "Amazing crew"

Punti positivi: "Nice service"

Punti positivi: "I was originally booked through jfk with an 80 minute layover. When I told a desk employee i feared it was too tight (I flew out through jf k and that was enough to convince me...) he booked me through Atlanta with a.comfortable schedule. Thank you!"

Punti negativi: "It could have left on time or they could have told us they weren’t leaving and let us get some sleep."

Punti positivi: "Fly attendants were very professional"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"

Punti positivi: "Nice new seats"
Punti negativi: "Was too warm inside the plane. Boarding address was mobbed and not very well managed"

Punti positivi: "The crew was great"
Punti negativi: "No video screens, the choice of snacks is very weak"

Punti positivi: "Good movies; nice crew"

Punti negativi: "Perfect"

Punti positivi: "All for everithing. I thing that for the firth fly if your conditions are aceptable idillio contaci your company. Thanks you. Vega Consuelo Milano"

Punti positivi: "Flight was smooth and fast."
Punti negativi: "Run from gate G to gate C was very tight especially since the first flight was late."

Punti negativi: "Originally, they were putting me on a flight connecting through Atlanta. However, I was traveling with my brother and there was only one seat on it. After looking again, we were put on a much better route through Detroit. I did not have a seat on the second leg and was stressed that I could get bumped. I made the flight but was given a middle seat. Since I have clostrophobia I began to panic. My brother sacrificed his exit row seat for me. He had booked through Delta. I wondered if he got better treatment because of that"

Punti positivi: "The closeness of the airport in proximity to my house as well as the ease of finding your gate and boarding."
Punti negativi: "There were so many passengers and such a small plane. There was NO leg room and the lady in front of me wanted to recline her seat, when I’m already claustrophobic to begin with. It was hot and the air above our head was barely working. There was one flight attendant who was blatantly rude to an elderly lady about her bags under the seat before the flight took off. To make this all worse, I had to suffer through all of this discomfort for over an hour for a 25 minute flight."

Punti positivi: "Arrived ahead of time"

Punti positivi: "Early warning about little overhead compartment baggage space. Short flight made shorter in air."
Punti negativi: "No enough carry on baggage space"

Punti negativi: "The comfort seats are not that comfortable"

Punti positivi: "Not much, hardly anything"
Punti negativi: "The service in First Class, absolutely terrible"

Punti positivi: "The time and the cabin crew were helpful"
Punti negativi: "There was nothing to not like"

Punti negativi: "The new "class of service" rules are really awful. "Pay for privilege" is terrible customer service."

Punti negativi: "Cabin was too hot since the very beginning. Even in first class."

Punti negativi: "A parte il volo in ritardo di 1 ora e un quarto tutto bene, un po’ rumorosi i motori."

Punti positivi: "Good flight overall"
Punti negativi: "Although I have priority status -The ground crew in Amsterdam gave me hard time with 7 extra Pounds, and I was trying to take it out of the suitcase to no avail. Eventually the agent I was checking in with got busy, I went to a new agent, and with a flick of a keyboard he approved the extra rate based on my status, without even have my to request it."

Punti positivi: "The crew both going and coming from San Jose, Costa Rica were incredible."
Punti negativi: "The long waits on the tarmac waiting on other planes to leave. Which was a big problem because it caused a lot of us to either barely miss our flight or miss our flight."

Punti positivi: "Late, crowded, bumpy"

Punti positivi: "Personale cortese con servizio rinfresco compreso"
Punti negativi: "Aereo un po’ antiquato md80, con motori posti nella parte posteriore molto rumoroso e fastidiosi."

Punti positivi: "Service was good. Was upgraded for more space."
Punti negativi: "Intertainment unit was not working correctly. Locked up after movie was over. No offers of any sort from crew about issue."

Punti negativi: "Missed my flight do to TSA security my wife is diabetic this TSA agents/idiots looked like they newer seen insulin pump or insulin bottle and flight left 15 min early. So I'm in Tampa trying to get flight in morning to Cancun"

Punti negativi: "Ho preso premium economy ma non ce la neanche appoggio piedi"

Punti negativi: "Non ho preso questo volo da LA a Mexico City. Ho chiesto un rimborso e non mi e’ stato dato."

Punti negativi: "delays after delays"

Punti positivi: "The crew"
Punti negativi: "The delay"

Punti positivi: "Pilots and crew did an amazing job during unstable air coming into Pittsburgh. Great job."

Punti positivi: "Il personale di Klm è stato molto gentile e anche quelli di Delta"
Punti negativi: "Troppo tempo di attesa ad Atlanta"

Punti negativi: "Lo spazio a bordo, sempre meno !"

Punti positivi: "All wonderful."

Punti positivi: "Our original flight was delayed and Marika, at the Delta gate of another flight to the same city, was able to get us on the flight that was going to our city. We were so grateful to get home before the winter storm! We appreciate your staff and the help their quick, efficient manner to get us on a new flight!"

Punti negativi: "Drop off bagaglio lentissimo , 1 ora in attesa. Tre desk aperti ma due bloccati da passeggeri per 1 ora"

Punti positivi: "Having just exited the AeroMexico flight that came across as unprofessional, it was refreshing to get on a Delta flight. It was not really exceptional, but it met my expectations. The Delta agent on the telephone on the day before our flight WAS exceptional, as she tried valiantly to get us checked in to a flight that had been changed (by Aeromexico) several times. Delta was also exceptional in helping us retrieve our luggage after AeroMexico lost it."
Punti negativi: "The noise by the engines in the back section on the Delta flight was rather unbelievable. As a physician, I think it was likely physically damaging to our hearing. If this interior aircraft noise can’t be avoided, I think earplugs should be offered to passengers in those seats."

Punti negativi: "Basic economy has way too many restrictions"

Punti positivi: "Courteous staff, boarding process was okay once it got started."
Punti negativi: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hours. Very turbulent flight. Tight seats."

Punti positivi: "very short flight, flight was comfortable"
Punti negativi: "Plane was small so carry on space was at a premium, but everything fit"

Punti negativi: "Ottimo"

Punti positivi: "Great help from gate agent when a delay in connecting flight would have missed the last flight. Agent put a great new agent it together better than the original."
Punti negativi: "Delta is the best"

Punti positivi: "What is the issue?"

Punti positivi: "Flight was on time, flight crew was kind and helpful, pilot was smooth and kept us informed of the flight status."
Punti negativi: "Nothing!"

"Later in the day and I was tired so who knows how it really was but seemed to be fine to me"

"Late coming, late going, no explanation. Very typical of the poor service I've come to expect of American Airlines and sadly, they do not care. Back to Southwest!"

Punti positivi: "It was a horrible experience"
Punti negativi: "Everything could have been better especially the staff"

Punti negativi: "I’m 6’3. My legs don’t fit in the provided space and I’m too tall for the head rest."

Punti positivi: "I had a great seat"
Punti negativi: "Food. No food at all on board per the flight attendees"

Punti positivi: "Nothing."
Punti negativi: "All of it except the flight crew. They were from Hungary and very polite and helpful. The rest of my experience was terrible. Will not fly UNAmerican again. Will NEVER fly to or via DFW again."

Punti positivi: "Crew was very helpful. I volunteered to move so a mother could sit next to her 4 1/2 year old daughter. The flight attendant found me a seat with no other passenger. She also comped by glass of wine."
Punti negativi: "I wish the flight was a bit longer so I could eat a bit."

Punti positivi: "Pilot was Awesome"
Punti negativi: "The crew was eh not very friendly"

Punti negativi: "How about departing on time! Almost 3 hours after our advertised departure time is ridiculous!"

Punti negativi: "Flight delayed twice and then had to wait on runway for take off"

Punti positivi: "Nothing special."
Punti negativi: "You cannot recline the seats."

Punti negativi: "When my husband retrieved his piece of luggage, it smelled terribly lie dog poop. We had to drive home with the windows all the way down because the stench was so bad and throw away the suitcase I had just bought because of the terrible smell. Just awful to come home to that!"

Punti positivi: "Seat was 9k. Comfortable"
Punti negativi: "Plane late to take off because caterer was late"

Punti positivi: "Nothing."
Punti negativi: "Flight was canceled. Ruined my plans and reason for flying."

Punti positivi: "Crew was very nice. Seats were more comfortable than other airline seats."

Punti negativi: "American changed our seats to back of plane. No explanation."

Punti positivi: "Comfortable flight. 2"

Punti positivi: "Only the food on this trip was good. Everything else had issues."
Punti negativi: "Poorly organized boarding at Miami. Agent did NOT speak clearly. Uncomfortable long walk outside uphill ramps and steps to board on the a tarmac. Purser’s PA system only worked occasionally. Most communications relayed from rear. My first class seat in row 3 was broken partially reclined."

Punti positivi: "Flight was delayed multiple times, which was understandable. However, communication was so poor we nearly missed it when it finally took off. Wed received notice it was cancelled then were told we had to go to a different gate to rebook. We just happened to go back to recheck the gate as the last group was boarding. Very poorly handled. See above."
Punti negativi: "See above."

Punti positivi: "Solo la cortesia di uno steward italiano"
Punti negativi: "Tutto, assurda l’assenza di on board entertainment"

Punti positivi: "Niente"
Punti negativi: "No schermo per visione film Qualità del cibo scadente Servizio a bordo mediocre"

Punti positivi: "The crew was very nice"
Punti negativi: "American booted me out of First Class despite having upgraded me two days prior."

Punti positivi: "Sat in exit and it"

Punti negativi: "On my first flight from SLC to ORD I asked 3 different American Airlines employees if I needed to pay for my carryon before I got on the plane. They all said no. I got on the plane, put my carryon under the seat in front of me and everything was great. I landed in Chicago, got to my gate, went to board and this very rude employee stopped me after I scanned my ticket and told me I couldn’t board with my bag. The EXACT bag I had boarded with in SLC. After harshly grabbing my bag and putting it in the carryon basket to check for size, she wouldn’t let me pass by her into the boarding bridge and told me I was going to have to pay. I tried explaining that I had asked I’m SLC if I needed to check it and they had all said no and that it fit under my seat. She said, “I don’t care what they said in SL, this is what I’m saying here.” And directed me to the front desk where I had to pay $50!! $50 for a carryon backpack that fit under my seat comfortably 20 minutes before!! Without saying a word (cause I didn’t want to yell at the poor girl behind the desk) I paid the $50 and proceeded to enter the bridge but before I passed through, the rude woman said, “have a nice flight ma’am” and scoffed!! An audible scoff. So I’m short, I hate American Airlines and I will do my BEST to not have to fly with them in the future."

Punti positivi: "Good flight overall"

Punti positivi: "They kept on schedule. We"
Punti negativi: "I was not notified of flight changes and until I called the Airline my husband and I were intended to sit far apart. I booked this trip back in Jan. and we were supposed to be across the aisle from each other. We ended up in the last row of seats of both flights. We never knew of the changes until we tried to get boarding passes."

Punti negativi: "I understand it happens,but after a long day of traveling it is very frustrating when the late night flight is delayed and you then have to sit in the plane on the ground for an extended period. Otherwise it was fine"

Punti negativi: "I am not tall but there was no leg room. My knees were in the back of seat. And when passenger in front reclined???? Arggh"

Punti positivi: "Flight was safe and uneventful"
Punti negativi: "Limited space and I had a better seat Just beverage service - not even crackers offered No entertainment options Seat recline mechanism was faulty"

Punti negativi: "Nothing"

Punti positivi: "I've recently had problems with other airlines in the past few years. It seems that flight attendants get more and more rude by the day! I had nothing but a pleasant time on both these flights though. Everyone was cordial and respectful!"
Punti negativi: "Don't have a conplaint."

Punti negativi: "I am very frustrated that a single part could not be located in the early afternoon to allow the plane to fly. I will be late again for work and it seems to be American Airlines and not Delta that has all the delays or is late."

Punti positivi: "Aero e spaziozo."
Punti negativi: "x 5 ore di viaggio un bichere di aqua e un biscotto."

Punti positivi: "economy plus was worth the money"
Punti negativi: "Flight attendants horrible refused to serve drinks or snacks due to "turbulence" But there was no turbulence. Then when passengers complained they served water only and splashed it into cups on the trays instead of pouring it into cups and handing the cups to the passengers. Nasty people."

Punti negativi: "Flight was a half hour late leaving O'Hare."

Punti negativi: "'ll volo da Philadelphia a Washington ha ritardato più di 5 ore"

Punti negativi: "Il volo era stato overbooked"

Punti negativi: "Missed because of first delay"

Punti negativi: "Being so late"

Punti negativi: "Do you even look at what happens after we pay for your services?"

Punti positivi: "Il cibo discreto"
Punti negativi: "Tutto scomodo, sedili stretti e scomodi, niente schermo Tv personale, aereo vecchissimo ma soprattutto un gran freddo. Tutti i passeggeri imbottiti e neanche dopo le ripetute richieste la temperatura è rimasta per tutta la durata"

Punti positivi: "tutto ok"

Punti positivi: "Imbarco"
Punti negativi: "Sedili scomodi e mancanza di televisore personale"

Punti positivi: "On time departure & arrival."
Punti negativi: "My checked bag, which l paid $25.00 for, didn’t make it on the flight to Pittsburgh. It got there on another flight at 7:30 pm Monday night but no one from American Airlines did anything about trying to get it to me until 11:30 pm. As a result, while l stayed at a hotel only 30 miles from the airport, my bag wasn’t delivered until 2:00 am on Tues, more than 8 hours after l got there. And their website for supposedly checking on lost luggage, status, is next to useless. It gives no useful information. Use the 800 # but state you want to talk with a human when answering the questions in their phone tree. I’ve had other experiences on AA over the last few years that lead me to question their commitment to customer service. I’ll be avoiding American Airlines as a travel option where other alternatives are available."

Punti positivi: "Seats are terrible. My back hurts after the journey. Leg room is bad too."

Punti negativi: "The changing of terminals in Philadelphia but was not the airlines fault."

Punti positivi: "That we were able to get a seat on this flight"
Punti negativi: "It was very crowded and no room to really move. The flight was rough in taking off and landing."

Punti positivi: "Wheelchair was ready in La Guardia airport, but transfer from gate C to gate B had impossible stairs or shuttle outside. This option required another security check which was terrible. TSA personnel was rude and incompetent. In the end there was no need for such scrutiny and we were released, but the emotional impact lasted for hours."

Punti negativi: "Aereo vecchio"

Punti negativi: "Easy direct flight. No issues."

Punti positivi: "Everything was great. From food to entertainment was great."
Punti negativi: "Nothing"

Punti positivi: "Niente"
Punti negativi: "Tutto sono rimasta molto delusa perché per troppo non sono riuscita a prendere il volo abbendo la mia carta di embarcó i El posto per problemi di documenti che no sapevo in fine no se a cercato di trovare una soluzione i o perso il volo"

Punti positivi: "That we made it to Vancouver on the scheduled day"
Punti negativi: "Non-existent schedule, 3 hours late on top of poor connection with overseas flight (total 6.5 hr wait in Toronto), old drab equipment, unremarkable barebones joyless service"

Punti positivi: "Once on the flight, everything went well."
Punti negativi: "Real nightmare as I had booked YUL-LYS-BRU with Brussels Airlines (SN). YUL-LYS was operated with Air Canada. Came within 4 minutes of missing flight despite being at airport 3 hrs early. SN had not released ticket to Air Canada so they could not check me in. Had to call SN customer service after AC could not check me in, then wait and wait as they had to try to correct the mistake 3x before AC counter could issue boarding passes. Terrible experience going through this with 2 small kids waiting. It’s as if the two airlines’ systems don’t communicate but passenger is responsible for resolving."

Punti positivi: "Our flight attendant on this flight was really great. He was so friendly and upbeat."
Punti negativi: "Our plane for this flight made an unexpected stop in Detroit and we were told that they did not know "if the plane would be leaving Detroit or if another plane could be found for us". We honestly thought the flight would end up being cancelled and we would have to find somewhere to stay that night. They ended up finding another plane an hour and a half later and our gate was changed four times during our wait."

Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "We were delayed 2 times, got on the plane, everything seemed fine and then maintenance crews were on the plane, the door was left open so it was freezing on the plane. Then we were told at 12:30am that it was cancelled. We had to go back through customs, pick up our luggage and find an agent who gave us a voucher for a hotel room. Never made it to the hotel until 1:30am, had to get up at 5:30am, go back to the airport, check our baggage, go through security and customs which the lines were extremely long and get on a 9:30am flight. Horrible!!!!!"

Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "This was probably the worst handled flight I have been on; there was first a slight delay, then a longer delay, then a much longer delay, all of which one could find out only after checking online; there were no announcements about the delay until after the scheduled time of departure; then there was another announcement that there was a mechanical problem and we'll be apprised of the situation at 7pm (the flight was scheduled at 6:25). The person at the counter disappeared. At 7:30, the gate changed to a different flight altogether--still no announcement, still no person at the gate. When a different person finally appeared and I asked her what happened to the Pittsburgh flight, she said, it's here, it'll be departing at this precise gate shortly. At that exact time, the PA system had an announcement that the flight to Pittsburgh is now scheduled at gate 86 at 7.01 (yes, 7:01, even though it was already after 7:30). When we went to gate 86, there, of course, was another flight there. After waiting some more, the woman at the first counter now appeared at gate 86 and said the flight was to be at gate 88. Until the very end when we boarded, gate 88 continued to say the flight was to Columbus. Absolutely abysmal customer service. (Even the boarding was handled badly, but at that time we didn't even care.) I am never recommending Air Canada."

Punti positivi: "Quiet"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"

Punti positivi: "It was OK but it had to be better than the flight to Canada which was delayed 24 hours (just for bad measure). It's a cheap flight and AC warn that the "in seat" screen is no longer provided so criticism on this basis is a bit silly. I noted that the free iPads in Premium Economy provided more films but they were so dated!!! Food in PE was much better as was the general service. It cost quite a bit in the "Auction" but it was worth it I think."
Punti negativi: "This relates to the outward trip when we only found out at the check-in that the plane was postponed to the following day. OK, we were put up in a hotel for the night but 24 hours there was not the best day of my life. I wasn't too impressed with the hotel."

Punti positivi: "From NGO to Vamcouver arrived after City's tours left 30 min. earlier, but back to Vancouver to Tronto too early for a good visit of City, when ariving Toronto at 1:30 am, and no connecting flight till 7:00 am. Agents at Toronto gate was not nice, which was unfortunate because all othr AirCanada agents were nice and flights were smooth."
Punti negativi: "Connecting flights were not convenient. First time AirCanada, and Kayak. Seemed I got a bad set of flights returning. Going was good. Got tricked. Suggeston of flights may have been available but did not know. Need more research in next trip. Agents, contracted agents at ticket counter in Atlanya, were very helpful. They were superve in helping me when a traffic accifent shut doen for 2 hrs and I was late on arriving at Atlanta airport."

Punti positivi: "any such long flight is not really enjoyable"

Punti positivi: "the pilot did a great job. the crew was nice."
Punti negativi: "It was interesting to me that the plane used for a 4 hour flight (this one) was smaller than a plane used for a 1hr flight. I was uncomfortable the entire time. this was a redeye flight, departing at midnight. the cabin lights stayed on for the first hour making it impossible to dose off. we were given a 'snack' of a disgusting chicken wrap slathered in mayo. it was inedible. oh, and accompanied by a large kitkat bar. I mean. Who came up with this combo? there were no screens, no in flight entertainment unless you wanted to run down your phone battery or rent an ipad for $10. I was truly disappointed."

Punti positivi: "Pleasant crew"
Punti negativi: "ONE bathroom for all of economy Had to buy even smallest snacks Poor overhead bin space"

Punti negativi: "No tv on the plane for a ocean flight from Venice to Montreal From Montreal to Los Angeles, 6 hours, no free food was given."

Punti negativi: "No tv on the plane for a ocean flight from Venice to Montreal From Montreal to Los Angeles, 6 hours, no free food was given."

Punti positivi: "I was able to fall asleep, because I was dead tired. It was like every other flight on a tiny plane; no better, no worse."
Punti negativi: "The flight was delayed, and the Toronto Airport terminal for Pittsburgh was awful."

Punti positivi: "The flight attendant was excellent!"

Punti negativi: "Delayed 2 hours and the flight was very noisy and the plane was badly maintained"

Punti negativi: "Flight cancelled. No reason. Said Pearson runway repairs"

Punti positivi: "Nothing special."
Punti negativi: "Not apply."

Punti positivi: "It was such a nice normal flight compared to the other flights on this trip."
Punti negativi: "Still too much carry on to deal with before take off."

Punti positivi: "Airbus 787"

Punti positivi: "Movies"
Punti negativi: "Food was terrible especially for Prem economy. Chicken dish very bad. Difficult to get a second glass of wine with main meal."

Punti positivi: "Selection of a couple of new movies Complimentary drink"
Punti negativi: "No room to put luggage Restricted to go to the bathroom most of flight because of seat belt sign and being told to sit down once I decided to go to the bathroom after an hour Sitting on the runway to park for nearly an hour"

Punti positivi: "The crew was friendly and helpful. The plane had open seats which allowed for greater comfort."
Punti negativi: "None of the audio jacks were functional with my headphones. Only purchasable headphones worked (tried several seats and asked other passengers - they had problems too)."

Punti positivi: "Pathetic delay time that was not weather related, they should have had another plane. I will not say that I will never fly Air Canada again just because departure time may leave me no choice but given a choice that suits my travel schedule it will not be them."

Punti negativi: "Finding gate was a problem. Air Canada personnel gave me bad info on Gare and would not give me a ride. Going outside and up steps to board is unsafe for people with balance issues. Would have to be a great deal to get me on air Canada again"

Punti negativi: "I was not impressed with how long it took to get through customs, waiting in a room for nearly an hour before being cleared to go through to the connecting gate. Then the delay of the flight was very disappointing."

Punti negativi: "Disappointing and awful. My flight got 5.5h delayed before even leaving. I was not even notified about that. I hope to receive a refund because it was the biggest inconvenine Air Canada has ever caused me."

Punti negativi: "Pearson airport transfer was hellish. I felt like I walked five miles between flights, and then had to go through the whole security process again, causing a missed second flight. This transfer of flights was not booked with sufficient time between them given the long distance walked and the slow security process. I will avoid this airport in the future"

Punti positivi: "Flight was on time and crew was friendly"
Punti negativi: "Old airplanes, not very clean"

Punti positivi: "Smooth flight."
Punti negativi: "Non-working lavatories (?). It shouldn't happen."

Punti negativi: "Nothing it was fine"

Punti positivi: "Once we got in the air, the flight was a short 35 minutes and fine."

Punti negativi: "We weren't notified via email, text, or phone call that our flight had been delayed almost 2 hours. Found out at the airport. Didn't get into Montreal until 2 am. Plans were wrecked for the night. Flight crew not very friendly."

Punti negativi: "Lost our bags for 3days"

Punti negativi: "Got home very late due to delays."

Punti positivi: "The gate crew in Toronto was outstanding.Very helpful in making sure we made it on to the Boston leg."
Punti negativi: "We were at the gate in Toronto for the Boston leg but the computer assumed we would not make the connection because our layover was less than an hour. We booked through Kayak but were not told that the layover was too short."

Punti positivi: "On time, nice crew, decent leg room"
Punti negativi: "Nothing much to eat if you are vegan or vegetarian."

Punti negativi: "Stuffed like hot sardines in the boarding area. Canadian customs take a long time for transit people"

Punti negativi: "It was an Air Canada Rouge flight sold as Lufthansa. Bait and switch."

Punti positivi: "The flight was on time and that is something really important to me. There was really no complaints about this flight"
Punti negativi: "My headsets weren't working but it was a really minor problem."

Punti negativi: "Overly crowded in the are awaiting for flight. It was not organized well and you could tell staff was getting on edge from customers asking about boarding. The departure times should be spread out to avoid this."

Punti positivi: "nothing"
Punti negativi: "the drip drip long delay. could have stayed in the main terminal If the delay was announced immediately."

Punti positivi: "ummmm"
Punti negativi: "Late departure Schedule changes Chaotic boarding"

Punti positivi: "The flight was excellant. Something that horizon air needs to aspire too."
Punti negativi: "Nothing"

Punti positivi: "The crew was really nice."
Punti negativi: "The didn't include a meal or any wine/beer as most international flights do."

Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "The ground female ground attendant was horrible.I am disabled and the escort girl lied to me about the bags arriving.I had to go back through US IMIGRATION AND CANADA IMMIGRATION that is when the lady told me that she told my escort that my bags did not was the worst flight experience ever"

Punti positivi: "staff polite"
Punti negativi: "Flight attendant speech over intercom unintelligible. She held the mic too close and spoke much too fast."

Punti positivi: "friendly staff, not a full flight which was nice to stretch out"
Punti negativi: "the food was not great, would have been nice for TV to have hockey championships game available to watch- another airline had this option on a flight during a Steeler game and it was nice."

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Misure di sicurezza per le compagnie aeree che partono da Toscana e arrivano per Pittsburgh

Le compagnie aeree che partono da Toscana e arrivano per Pittsburgh hanno messo in atto misure di sicurezza aggiuntive e adeguato le loro politiche per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei viaggiatori. Le politiche variano in base alla compagnia aerea.

Sanificazione potenziata

Pulizia quotidiana, installazione di filtri HEPA a bordo dei voli da Toscana per Pittsburgh

Mascherine obbligatorie

Mascherine obbligatorie a bordo, mascherine fornite sui voli da Toscana per Pittsburgh

Organizzazione dei posti in base al distanziamento sociale

Posto centrale non disponibile per la prenotazione dei voli da Toscana per Pittsburgh

Test pre-volo

Test per anticorpi, test per sintomi per i voli da Toscana per Pittsburgh

Prenota voli economici da Toscana a Pittsburgh

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