Trova offerte per voli da Medellín a Torino


Trova offerte per voli da Medellín a Torino

Cerca centinaia di siti di viaggio contemporaneamente per offerte su voli per Torino. Combina il tuo volo con un hotel e risparmia!

Andata e ritorno
Medellín (MDE)
Aeroporto Città di Torino
mar 7/12
mar 14/12
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Prezzo medio andata-ritorno

744 €

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619 €
Il periodo ideale per evitare le folle con un calo medio dei prezzi del 35%.
Il periodo più gettonato per volare con un aumento medio dei prezzi del 23%.
(media delle ultime 2 settimane)
o meno

Quando prenotare voli da Medellín a Torino

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I consigli per trovare un volo economico

  • Cerchi voli economici? Considera che il 25% dei nostri utenti ha trovato dei voli per questa rotta a 619 € o meno andata e ritorno.
  • I mesi di maggio, giugno e luglio sono considerati alta stagione. Il mese più economico per viaggiare è agosto.

Domande frequenti per prenotazioni di voli da Medellín a Torino

Quanto dura un volo da Medellín a Torino?

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Come riesce KAYAK a trovare prezzi così bassi sui voli da Medellín a Torino?

In che modo lo strumento di Previsione dei prezzi di volo di KAYAK mi aiuta a scegliere il momento giusto per acquistare il mio biglietto aereo da Medellín a Torino?

Che cos'è l'opzione Mix & Match per i voli da Medellín a Torino?

Che cos'è la funzionalità "date flessibili" di KAYAK e perché potrebbe essermi utile quando cerco un volo da Medellín a Torino?

Principale compagnia aerea con voli da Medellín Rionegro-José María Córdova a Aeroporto Città di Torino

Valutazioni in base alle recensioni dei clienti KAYAK

Air Europa
Valutazione complessiva sulla base di 3.242 recensioni
Recensioni compagnia aerea

Punti positivi: "personale ok, sedili troppo vicini e scomodi"
Punti negativi: "aumentare lo spazio tra i sedili"

Punti positivi: "The tablet selection was very variety."
Punti negativi: "The announcement was hard to hear the volume was loud but something not quiet understandable"

Punti positivi: "Excellent on time, quick turnaround with Canary Air"
Punti negativi: "Air Europa...everything"

Punti positivi: "Friendly crew"

Punti negativi: "The seats was no to comfortable for the price . They charge for the luggage and any company for traveling internationally does for almost one luggage"

Punti negativi: "They have lost my baggage and it’s my 4th in Milan with no bags!"

Punti positivi: "The service with my handicapped mother"
Punti negativi: "The food"

Punti negativi: "Don’t sit on the isles seat. I kept getting bumped by the staff with no apology. One male flight attendant kept bumping my arm just about every time he passed by. Made no attempt to avoid my arm or shoulder. I got pretty pissed by the third bump."

Punti negativi: "La puntualità"

Punti positivi: "Comfortable seats from the good old days on board B 737"

Punti positivi: "Got me where I wanted on time"
Punti negativi: "Toilet was disgusting, crew spoke over the pa and could not understand a thing, entertainment was an old in the back of the seat player very slow and bad picture. Breakfast was a piece of bread."

Punti positivi: "Nothing."
Punti negativi: "Air Europa is the worst company in the world."

Punti positivi: "Modern clean plane, excellent crew"
Punti negativi: "Flight was delayed but no announcements were made"

Punti negativi: "My fare did not include a checked bag. I find it hard to believe that anyone would take an intercontinental flight without checking a bag. The fee to check a bag at the airport is $150. This sounds like something a shady company would pull off. Was very disappointed, not what I expected from Air Europa"

Punti negativi: "A low cost company trying to compete with bigger company and prices too high for what you got."

Punti negativi: "The food menu needs to be improved"

Punti positivi: "Vuelo de la excelencia"

Punti negativi: "The seats weren't too comfortable. Not all movies that were in the entertainment list in the website were actually in the flight."

Punti positivi: "Very puntual & cheap!"

Punti positivi: "Price was very good. That's a big plus."

Punti positivi: "The plane was on time, but the boarding process was chaotic. The flight attendants were nice."
Punti negativi: "The seats were so small. I am 5'2" and had no leg room. I don't know how anyone who is taller fits. The food was really poor and my entertainment system did not work. Also, the gate was not posted on the board until right before the flight boarded and the boarding process was chaotic at best."

Punti positivi: "nothing"
Punti negativi: "no service, bad food, no individual tv screens, no choice movies"

Punti positivi: "Crew was nice"
Punti negativi: "Air Europa lost my bag for 6 days. I picked it up at the airport finally the 7th day of my trip. They found it on day 3 but took 4 entire days to ship it from Boston. Awful. We were also delayed 3 hours in Madrid with no compensation, we got a "snack" voucher that totaled $5. It was terrible and I will never fly this airline again."

Punti negativi: "Flight delayed missed my connector no one was helpful. A total of 24 hours traveling"

Punti negativi: "Every flight was at least an hour delayed. We were insanely late for our connection flight due to a totally unnecessary delay at the first airport. We then SPRINTED across the whole Madrid airport and then when we arrived to second plane was TWO HOURS delayed. The staff always seemed to be working, but was completely inefficient in getting anything done. It took them 20 minutes to respond to our notice (we pressed the air attendant button on our seats) and then told us we couldn't get snacks because they were giving out pizzas, which took another hour. Every single part of our flight was delayed and inefficient... with no reason ever being given. It was pretty miserable overall and I will likely never use Air Europa ever again."

Punti negativi: "We flew twice in 2 weeks. One way the delay was 40m, back - 1 hour"

Punti positivi: "Price was great, flight crew very attentive, even the food was good."
Punti negativi: "The seats didn't have a port to charge phones. Older planes with antiquated tech. Monitors on back of seats were also outdated. Plane was late leaving Madrid."

Punti positivi: "it was very good in general"

Punti negativi: "Wery heavy communication, 99% workers in airport don't speak English . Same in Madrid and Barcelona. In Madrid from one terminal to another 25-30min walked distance."

Punti negativi: "I am 6'5" and didn't fit in my seat since the year would provide me a en exit row seat."

Punti positivi: "Great value for the money, pleasant crew, good food, and comfortable seating."
Punti negativi: "In flight entertainment limited to a few small TVs in the center."

Punti positivi: "The plane was a newer 787 Dreamliner. The interior was clean, the flight crew friendly and professional. The meals were a notch above average for airplane food. That means a lot when it is a nine and one half hour flight. A free glass of wine served with the meal was a nice bonus. Boarding and disembarking was as it is with all airlines, but the staff were very helpful. Each seat had it's own entertainment screen with games, music, movies and TV shows in many languages."
Punti negativi: "I have no complaints. I would definitely fly Air Europa again if it is the 787, and a long flight."

Punti negativi: "No outlets!"

Punti positivi: "Nothing."
Punti negativi: "I bought 2 tickets at the same time for me and my wife and the sat us separately 10 rows apart from each other. Its stupid they dont let you choose your own seats. Also paying for the bag was another long process and had to go to 3 sepparate counters because Air Europa required a different procedure. Pilots necer announced upcomig turbulence and the landing was horrible. Old and uncomfortable seatbelts. Ive been on 3 flights this week and this was by far the worst. Wont be flying Air Europa in the future."

Punti positivi: "I mostly liked the price"
Punti negativi: "The seats almost didn't reclined. Dome of the personnel was a tad rough."

Punti positivi: "Great plain, new comfortable clean, crew was fantastic, helpful and friendly"
Punti negativi: "Food was good but could be fresher"

Punti negativi: "Do not offer connections with less than two hours, Madrid Airport is busy and complicated....there is no room for mistakes or little delays when layover is less than two hours."

Punti negativi: "The flight was delayed more than 2hours. Our flight was supposed to depart at 01:15am and until 2am pilots didn't show up. The flight finally took off around 3am....such a bad experience in the mid night"

Punti positivi: "Smooth process and quick check in."

Punti positivi: "Cabin crew were very nice"
Punti negativi: "3 hours late boarding,apparently toilet repairs were underway,[lane was at the gate. Cabin A/C in our section was very very hot,why ? Idont know"

Punti positivi: "Iberia was fine"
Punti negativi: "We go to our final destination 6 hours after we should have."

Punti negativi: "They closed the boarding doors early and I ran thru the entire airport to get there and they wouldn't let me on because my flight was delayed. THE WORST"

Punti negativi: "My flight was delayed"

Punti positivi: "The crew were very helpful once boarded in assisting with overhead baggage."
Punti negativi: "The flight had major turbulence without any communication from the pilot or crew as to what to expect and having been on 8 flights just this week I am not a first time flyer, but have not felt so uncomfortable with noises of what what sounded like ice hitting the plane. Just looking around it was clear I was not the only one who felt this way. I understand that the pilots did there best to navigate through the weather but for the future it would be great for them to communicate that we would be hitting some turbulence. The landing as well was one of the worst I have experienced. I will not be flying or recommending air Europa to anyone. Just checking in to receive boarding passes was a nightmare as they informed me the plane had already closed even though it was an hour before my flight left. I was then directed to customer service who then sent me back to the counter where I finally received my boarding pass. Running through the airport and to security was awful and when I arrived at the gate the gate was still open and people were still boarding. It seems as thought air Europa is more concerned with how many tickets they can sell than customer service."

Punti negativi: "it was delayed. they told us wouldn't affect our connection. Going out to get on and off the plane- awfullll . having to board a bus to go to the terminal and waiting. terrible."

Punti positivi: "Comfortable seats. Was able to nap easily"
Punti negativi: "They never handed out free water (that I can recall). They seemed more concerned with offering paid foods and drinks."

Punti positivi: "Great little plane, no queues, on and off quickly, start the holidays in a very easy, and happy manner. The flight was from Barcelona to Minorca, and we took a twin engined puddle jumper run by Swiftair. Excellent!"
Punti negativi: "Not too much. Pretty good in all facets"

Punti positivi: "I was surprised by the food, and the crew was always kind, warm, and welcoming. I liked that we got two meals for our trip and that the flight was smooth. We weren't delayed at all and everything was incredibly efficient. I was really impressed for a low-cost flight."
Punti negativi: "My partner was really uncomfortable, as the distance between seats is pretty insufficient. I was only comfortable because I am a particularly short person. Also, it was a little disappointing that the TVs on our first flight didn't work and that there were only two TVs for the whole back cabin during the second flight. That is not the end of the world, though, and I think that even on a budget airline, seat sizes are unfortunate. Also, the timing of the movies was really strange. They couldn't fit in two movies for an 8 hour flight because they were timed poorly."

Punti positivi: "Nice brand new B787"
Punti negativi: "Temperature ones the plane on the entire flight was really hot. Not comfortable at all. :/ disappointed"

Altre info su Air Europa
Informazioni COVID-19

Misure di sicurezza per le compagnie aeree che partono da Medellín e arrivano a Torino

Le compagnie aeree che partono da Medellín e arrivano a Torino hanno messo in atto misure di sicurezza aggiuntive e adeguato le loro politiche per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei viaggiatori. Le politiche variano in base alla compagnia aerea.

Sanificazione potenziata

Pulizia quotidiana, installazione di filtri HEPA a bordo dei voli da Medellín a Torino

Mascherine obbligatorie

Mascherine obbligatorie a bordo, mascherine fornite sui voli da Medellín a Torino

Organizzazione dei posti in base al distanziamento sociale

Posto centrale non disponibile per la prenotazione dei voli da Medellín a Torino

Test pre-volo

Test per anticorpi, test per sintomi per i voli da Medellín a Torino

Prenota voli economici da Medellín a Torino

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Air Europa
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Air Europa
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