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  • Cerchi voli economici per Wellington? Considera che il 25% dei nostri utenti ha trovato dei voli per Wellington a prezzi uguali o inferiori a quelli che seguono: Da Milano 1.125 € andata e ritorno, da Bologna 1.222 € andata e ritorno, da Napoli 2.470 € andata e ritorno
  • I mesi di giugno, luglio e agosto sono considerati alta stagione. Il mese più economico per viaggiare a Wellington è novembre.
  • Inserisci le date e l'aeroporto di partenza preferiti nel campo di ricerca qui sopra per accedere alle ultime offerte sui voli per Wellington.

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Valutazioni in base alle recensioni dei clienti KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesValutazione complessiva sulla base di 3914 recensioni
Recensioni compagnia aerea
Punti positivi: "Crew very polite and friendly"
Punti negativi: "Crew forgot to bring me things twice so I had to ask another crew member on both occasions."
Altre info su Singapore Airlines
Punti positivi: "Crew very polite and friendly"
Punti negativi: "Crew forgot to bring me things twice so I had to ask another crew member on both occasions."
Punti positivi: "Just ok"
Punti negativi: "The crew and the service"
Punti negativi: "Better movie selection. Better organized boarding in Frankfurt"
Punti positivi: "SQ always has the best looking flight attendants"
Punti positivi: "crew was pushing , no time in an rush all the time"
Punti negativi: "service level"
Punti positivi: "Very comfortable; excellent service"
Punti negativi: "Food"
Punti positivi: "The crew service is good. Not great, but still above average from other flagship carriers."
Punti negativi: "The seat (B787-10) is so cramp!!!"
Punti positivi: "I liked the size of the cups for drinks: smaller than usual."
Punti negativi: "You could train some of your crews to behave more polite to the customers like they do in the Japanese airlines. Male crews tended to be nicer than female crews."
Punti positivi: "Wonderful trip, Super nice Crew , perfect meal , great entertainment system"
Punti negativi: "Can not be topped up"
Punti positivi: "When the seat folded down (business class) into a bed, it gave almost a twin size bed that was flat."
Punti negativi: "Being in business class, I had expected the food to be better. Also, the red wines offered were only a sub selection of the ones in the menu."
Punti positivi: "Helpful with our 2 year old"
Punti negativi: "Baby change area is very small"
Punti positivi: "Average flight"
Punti negativi: "Seats on this aircraft have very upright seats. Not very comfy"
Punti positivi: "The crew Were exceptional ."
Punti negativi: "If The seat recline could go down a bit more innpremium economy, that would be perfect"
Punti negativi: "Food could have been better."
Punti positivi: "Handset to control screen didn’t work. Airline reimbursed me with $75 voucher for inflight duty-free shop."
Punti positivi: "Being one of the best airlines in the world, you can really go wrong with these guys. Always a good experience."
Punti negativi: "As always, economy class is getting tighter. But economy here is still better than the western airlines."
Punti positivi: "I do like Singapore airlines and all the rest of the airline stuff apart from the entertainment system was great!!! (Unfortunately since there was no USB or seat power my iPad fairly quickly ran out of juice...)"
Punti negativi: "The entertainment system was soooo old. In our seats it was non-functional. The plane wasn't too full and so I scooted over to the isle seat next to mine but again the resolution on the screen was so bad I couldn't read the intro comments to the movie, etc. They desperately need to update the entertainment system on that plane."
Punti positivi: "Short flight"
Punti negativi: "N/A"
Punti positivi: "more room in the seats - excellent hostesses who are so friendly and helpful - lovely food."
Punti positivi: "Finally, I could go to my final destination as planned by transmitted to Korean Air flights."
Punti negativi: "My first flight of JetBlue from Olandor to New York was delayed that leading to my connecting flights to my destination were missed. Now, my suitcases have been missed, too."
Punti positivi: "Spacious economy class seating and great service"
Punti positivi: "Flight crew, food, boarding and entertainment great."
Punti negativi: "Just didn't like the 7 hour delay for the flight. Nobody's fault."
Punti positivi: "The trip was uneventful, with the usual excellent service."
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "Services, the Care and the Concern!"
Punti positivi: "Most everything"
Punti negativi: "Crying babies made it tough to sleep the whole flight"
Punti positivi: "Very attentive, great food, quality aircraft"
Punti positivi: "Singapore was fine and helpful with a crazy problem JustFly created then didn’t fix."
Punti negativi: "JustFly billed the wrong price, then to fix that,created a new ticket with my name misspelled and failed to cancel the original ticket. We later upgrade seats via Singapore then discovered the duplicate booking and misspelling. To fix that JustFly cancelled the booking with the seat upgrade. Singapore restored our upgrade at the airport but only on one direction so we had to go through it all again."
Punti negativi: "Headphones didn’t work entirely for listening to movies. Had to manually hold it in."
Punti positivi: "Modern aircraft , nice crew"
Punti positivi: "The business class bed was the best I have yet encountered. The food and service were great. And the stews? Gorgeous and so agreeable. One young lady even helped me with my back injury; turns out she was studying physical therapy. You can't find a better ride than that,"
Punti positivi: "friendly staff top Service top Inflight"
Punti negativi: "new aircraft, 2 x usb charging ports, 50+ movies, very quiet aircraft."
Punti positivi: "Overall experience and wonderful crew"
Punti negativi: "Nothing really."
Punti negativi: "Foods serving were too slow for economy class. Not enough selections for entertainment."
Punti negativi: "Flight delayed twice without informing us the reason, and after boarding, we waited for v long to take off also"
Punti negativi: "Particularly asked for aisle seat during checking in and I was told I was allocated aisle seat, but my seat was in the middle all the way to Brisbane. Person who checked me in did not seem like who wanted to be on the job beside being not too busy at all."
Punti positivi: "None"
Punti negativi: "Crew"
Punti positivi: "I paid for an economy class ticket but got first class service."
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "We started taxing 15 minutes before the departure time. This is great !"
Punti negativi: "not much"
Punti positivi: "Delayed flight from Shanghai due to air traffic issues, so I had a 10 minute window to make my connection in Singapore. Ground staff was waiting for me with a small car after I disembarked to drive me to the gate. And I somehow made my connection. Excellent service. Obviously my checked bag didn't make it, but I was told in advance and was kept updated before boarding and immediate after I disembarked at my final destination. When I went to the baggage service counter, they were already ready for me, had filled out my paperwork, and just needed an address to confirm the delivery of my suitcase. I'm super impressed to this attention to detail."
Punti positivi: "the crews were very polite and very helpful"
Punti positivi: "Touch screen entertainment system with great variety of programs. Good food, clean cabin, friendly crews. I'd fly again on Singapore Air over other domestic airlines and Japanese airlines."
Punti negativi: "Sound quality of ear buds was not good. No issues if you travel with your own."
Punti positivi: "We did not die in a hellacious ball of flame Aviation incident!"
Punti negativi: "Bulkhead seating (required for bassinet) Row 41, my seat was practically in the aisle. No where to put my feet without getting trodden on by everyone! Broken entertainment screen, would not stay upright, due to several hundred thousand past passengers bashing into it after having first trodden on the unfortunate passengers feet! Crew unresponsive with drink and food requests, I had to ask for services multiple times on several occasions. Pressing my 'attendant button' my light was lit for 10 minutes before a crew member noticed. My first trip on Singapore, my expectations were not met. Shame"
Punti positivi: "Great flight amazing service"
Punti positivi: "Seating space was very good. Meals terrific"
Punti negativi: "The Manchester stopover was just a lot of standing in lines. From Manchester to Singapore, the plane was full and my seat mates didn't get up when we needed out. So, we escaped to the back for a while where we were "hushed" by a stewardess. The stewards didn't seem to like it when we were out of our seats, but 12 hours is too long to be stuck in a middle seat."
Punti positivi: "Everything on time."
Punti negativi: "Nothing really bad one food on return flight not great but ok."
Punti positivi: "everything"
Punti negativi: "the gates the time intervals and the connections..."
Punti positivi: "nice food, plenty of water, good service, quite comfortable & on board wifi if you need it"
Punti negativi: "Aircraft was dated with old business class seats which are worn. Minimal options in movies to watch"
Punti positivi: "The food, the seating, the upgrade, the very polite and attentive staff. I thanked them, and for that, they gave me a hand written note and a set of cards. So sweet. Totally worth it to fly Singapore."
Punti negativi: "I didn't like how Vayasan and Singapore airlines telephone check in both claimed they could not upgrade. It was part of the policy/seating I bought. They were wrong, the airlines at San Francisco airport did it without blinking, after checking my visa status."

Cibo nella norma è intrattenimento vdeo di bassa qualità

La miglior compagnia aerea

La miglior compagnia aerea Sempre una garanzia

Punti positivi: "Il personale estremamente attento e gentile. Non è facile lavorare con le maschere e occhiali per tutta la durata del volo. Trovo che hanno fatto di tutto per rendere il nostro viaggio sicuro dal puto di vista della battaglia contro il virus."
Punti negativi: "Da viaggiatore assiduo Emirates, posso dire che in passato il cibo era meglio e più "speciale". Capisco che in questi tempi pochi euro di risparmio sono un grande aiuto. Per migliorare in Emirates devono solo fare quello che facevano qualche anno fa. Comunque sono sempre tra i migliori."
Punti positivi: "Il personale molto gentile e professionale. Sono stata fortunata perché nella mia fila gli altri due posti erano liberi e quindi ho potuto dormire sdraiata per L a maggior parte del volo"
Punti negativi: "Mi è mancata la salvietta calda dopo l'imbarco e la bustina con il set per il volo notturno. Sarebbe stato molto utile."
Punti positivi: "Inflight entertainment was superb, catering in main cabin was also excellent. The crew was friendly and professional."
Punti negativi: "Main cabin seats were definitely better than other airlines, but still not the most comfortable for 8+ hours."
Punti negativi: "Niente"
Punti positivi: "Evrrything"
Punti positivi: "Crew & food was amazing"
Punti negativi: "It was cold and the blankets got collected 45 minutes before arriving. Well, we had to wait 30 more minutes to get to a gate and I was freezing!"
Punti positivi: "Personale come al solito gentilissimo, cibo ottimo, buona scelta di vini"
Punti negativi: "Il comfort dei sedili in business class dovrebbe essere migliorato."
Punti positivi: "Servizio a bordo"
Punti negativi: "Comfort dei sedili"
Punti positivi: "Tutto perfetto: cordialità, cena, confort"
Punti negativi: "Istruzioni al personale di terra e della luonge"
Punti positivi: "Good leg room, comfortable"
Punti negativi: "Food not that good, mostly cold, games for children didn't work, service used to be better"
Punti positivi: "Food was excellent (Emirates rep helped choose Asian veg per my need description)"
Punti negativi: "Not applicable"
Punti positivi: "Personale"
Punti negativi: "Poltrona business stretta"
Punti negativi: "Non hanno fatto kit dentifricio calse mascherina"
Punti positivi: "Easy check in and comfortable flight. The crew are very helpful."
Punti negativi: "Boarding"
Punti negativi: "The food was very cheap, it’s not the Emirates that it used to be, especially if you fligh economy. The crew wasn’t so nice, they seem like tired and unhappy, not even a smile. If you ask for something the answer was sorry we don’t have. The wifi didn’t work properly and now you have to pay for that. My seat, 87K didn’t work, it was blocked and I couldn’t reclined. Emirates used to be very good airline but not anymore."
Punti negativi: "Delays boarding meant we were almost 30 mins late arriving in Wellington. Cramped seats on Qantas 737 plane"
Punti positivi: "Splendido viaggio soprattutto grazie all’upgrade in business, offerto ad un prezzo non eccessivo. Unico neo, con l’upgrade non era consentito l’accesso alla lounge dell’aeroporto di Bali."
Punti negativi: "flight was delayed for 4 plus hours after they started the boarding process! food was ok."
Punti positivi: "Spaziosi sedili. Cortesia personale, procedure d'imbarco veloci"
Punti negativi: "They took my scarf and it was crazy cold in New York. Then they wouldn't let me use the bathroom yet it took almost an hour to land. Ridiculous. I was in 81D. I hope they found my scarf."
Punti positivi: "Whether flying business class or economy Emirates really knows how to treat its passengers. Food was good and flight comfortable"
Punti negativi: "The attendant at the counter gave us 2 very bad seats together but did not indicate no tray table . was no problem because on the plane we switched."
Punti negativi: "personale mediocre"
Punti negativi: "scortesia e ressa all imbarco a malpensa - alcuni del personale a bordo arreggiamento poco prfessionale"
Punti positivi: "Everything, great staff! Great service.go Emirates !"
Punti negativi: "Track special food reservations I didn't get my kosher food which I double checked when booked the flight"
Punti positivi: "Loved the service. My flight was from NYC to Milan."
Punti negativi: "There was not one thing."
Punti positivi: "On time, entertainment good crew"
Punti negativi: "Food was bland"
Punti positivi: "Crew is amazing. friendly. Professional. Food is great. Comfortable seating."
Punti negativi: "Inflight entertainment is a little stale. More recent movies would be great."
Punti positivi: "Food was the best I ever had on Economy, seats were comfortable, enterteriment was very good, cabin crew very polite and attentious..."
Punti negativi: "Boarding was too Long with to much security measures"
Punti positivi: "The two checked bag allowance is very helpful - especially for someone who travles for projects, for long times and is on a tight budget. The staff were very attentive. Frequent offers fof drinks to stay hydrated was very good. The seats were large enough to be comfortable. The number of entertainment options was exceptional."
Punti negativi: "The air plane was freezing cold - I could not even be comfortable sitting in my seat with a blanket on. The woman next to me had 2 blankets on. I could not check my luggage when I arrived at the airport. I had to sit with my luggage for 3 hours just waiting to check it. So I could not enjoy the 7 hours I had before my flight - to walk around the city, or even shop in the airport. I could not select a seat when I checked in on line - even though it was 20 hours before my flight. Even though I was traveling alone I could only get a middle seat. There were no non-meat food choices for the meal. We could not hear the announcements at boarding - no one knew what was being said."
Punti positivi: "The AirBus A380 plane is amazing! Really great movie options too - almost too much choice."
Punti negativi: "They randomly chose us to conduct a carryon bag search, which is fine. But they also randomly chose 100 other passengers and there wasn't enough information or staff to do this random check efficiently. Hence, we were more than an hour delayed."
Punti positivi: "This is our first time flying Emirates and we were very happy with the airline's comfort, food & crew. We would definitely fly with them again. They also have checked bags at no additional charge."
Punti negativi: "As with every other airline the boarding stinks. Everybody cues up even when their zone is not called because they want first access to the overhead space. I also don't like being charged extra to pick my seats."
Punti positivi: "customer service of crew was good."
Punti negativi: "there were many who were selected for extra screening (code SSS) this process added a great amount of confusion (without any communication) we were screened and put in an isolation area where we were not allowed to leave or use a bathroom. We were there for over one hour. at one point, we were moving into a long tube like structure where we stayed for at least 30 minutes while others were boarding from an different ramp. the communication was non existent and we were made to feel like prisoners. actually, we were prisoners."
Punti positivi: "Overall, Emirates is an incredible flying experience, we just got unlucky on this turn. The food is quite incredible, the entertainment bar-none the best and the amenities makes you feel like you're in business class."
Punti negativi: "The flight had an overall 3 hour delay and they completely lost our luggage upon returning from Europe and to a wedding. That's worst case scenario."
Punti positivi: "Service is excellent and I really enjoyed the musicians while waiting to bord the plane"
Punti positivi: "For starters, the seats were decently comfortable. They were wide, and offered generous legroom. The food was good: an unbelievable improvement from the previous flight (I recommend the chicken). The ICE system was impeccable. It had a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games as well as access to the news. However, the flight's greatest perk my have been the compassionate crew. They were very helpful and friendly. They offered many accommodations, like a pizza and photo, all for free. Overall, the flight went very well."
Punti negativi: "Although I enjoyed the flight, the only bad part was the boarding process. To start off, the departure in Milan was delayed for about 45 minutes. Also, when boarding finally began, the line was extremely long and moved very slowly. That was the only event that marred the flight to JFK."
Punti positivi: "Personale di bordo"
Punti negativi: "Spazio a bordo"
Punti positivi: "Everything"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "Il personale è cortese, il cibo è abbastanza buono nel complesso è tendente al salutare, l'intrattenimento è ampio e aggiornato."
Punti negativi: "Siamo partiti con un'ora di ritardo, rispetto a tutti gli altri voli fatti su stessa tratta hanno aspettato decisamente troppo per servire la cena, mettendoci poi un'eternità, personale disorganizzato. I bagni non erano puliti e un lavabo era intasato sin dalla partenza. Causa ritardo iniziale la discesa è stata rapidissima con conseguente disagio. Atterrati abbiamo dovuto aspettare altri 15 minuti che l'aereo avesse uno spot libero."
Punti positivi: "Loved the in-flight entertainment options. The food was excellent. They managed my gluten free options with ease and everything was delicious. The attendants were extremely pleasant and helpful."
Punti negativi: "I paid for the higher wifi bandwidth, but the service was spotty and some websites/social media wouldn't load. Even some texts wouldn't send. I wish there was more legroom between the seats for such a long flight. But the value for the overseas flight was still quite good."
Punti positivi: "Everything was very nice,, one of the nicer flights i have had in a long time and i fly often,, it didnt hurt that the flight was nearly empty,, so i had basically the whole section in the back to myself,, aside from that, the seating was comfortable and more roomy than others,, and the entertainment system was quite nice,, good sound,, larger hd screen and wide selection of programming,, also very convenient inputs for powering up"
Punti negativi: "the bathroom smelled like pee and i was the first one to use it on the flight,, so perhaps some better cleaning maintenance and some type of air freshener"
Punti positivi: "My only regret was waiting this long to try Emirates from Milan to JFK They are superior in every way possible. Service food entertainment seat comfort and room And they are price competitive No wonder American Airlines has given up on Europe and become an airline for Miami and South American they are not even in the game. Never ever ever would I fly on AA even if the ticket was 20 bucks Fly emeriates they are the best"
Punti positivi: "I would like to say this is the most horrific experience I have ever had traveling and using Kayak. I was late by 10 mins getting to the ticket counter and Emirates gave my seat away. I then proceeded to attempt to rebook and the Emirates agent advised they are sold out for the next 3 days and have no flight alternatives to offer. I contact flight network and the person I spoke proceeds to tell me the same thing and there is nothing they can do for me. Basically that I would need to purchase a whole new ticket on another airline as Emirates doesn't have availability. Which I did. Now I'm looking online and Flight Network has my exact flight on Emirates available at same price I paid for my ticket. But now my new ticket purchased to get home is non-refundable. I'm out over 1000 dollars because of bad info. This has been a horrific experience and after being loyal to Kayak for years.... I will never use the site again."
Punti positivi: "Crew is attentive and helpful. Seats are comfortable in economy class. Bathrooms are well equipped and generally speaking clean. Meals are good quality."
Punti negativi: "I would change the snack in the flight Milan to JFK. instead of the pizza pesto, I would offer fruit options or regular breakfast food although it is a snack."
Punti positivi: "Very good airline with professional stafff and much better comfort than most other airlines"
Punti negativi: "The food was pretty bad. I didn't even eat on the return flight."
Punti negativi: "Way cramped"
Punti positivi: "Free checked Bags"
Punti negativi: "If we could have a free select seat after booking."
Punti positivi: "Crew and staff were very nice. I got lucky and got the whole row to myself."
Punti negativi: "More space in Economy, and to have the passenger in front lift up their seat during meals. It's very hard to eat with the tray down when the person in front has their seat reclined all the way back."
Punti negativi: "Crew was extremely noisy and not mindful of most of the cabin sleeping. Speaking loudly, joking with one another. Very unprofessional. In some instances woke people up (in economy) and made them put their seat up because someone behind them wanted to eat at 23:20. Not friendly either."
Punti positivi: "Great crew. Friendly and responsive."
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "timely and comfortable"
Punti negativi: "less use of plastic- why not be the first airline to use the new paper box water bottle? why do the blankets have to be wrapped in plastic. end use of single use plastics, be a pioneer :)"
Punti positivi: "The view"
Punti negativi: "Poor food and no choice, only given tofu noodles! The general appearance of the plane was dated and worn, needs a refit. It felt more like a cheap budget airline not ‘the spirit of australia’ as branded. The touch screen was so bad that you forced the persons head in front to move when you pressed the screen."
Punti negativi: "food wasn't good"
Punti positivi: "Flight attendants where quality in their delivery of service Food was good (Chicken salad)"
Punti negativi: "Staff that maned the gate clearly a novice or untrained. His coworker seemingly not bothered if the job was done correctly or not. Resulting in multiple bags being lost. And not just mine, at least 4 people had baggage lost due to lack of care and attention Absolutely dier."
Punti positivi: "Nice crew"
Punti negativi: "Delayed by an hour. Gate change to a gate too small to accommodate people. Food was pretty ordinary. Seats very cramped."
Punti positivi: "Everything about Qantas is good. No complaints at all. Staff fantastic - friendly and helpful."
Punti negativi: "Nothing to state here."
Punti positivi: "Watched movies to pass the time. Trip uneventful but 2 hours late"
Punti negativi: "The announcements by cabin crew on board were hard to understand as English not first language"
Punti positivi: "Overall good flight and staff nice and friendly"
Punti negativi: "Nothing comes,to mind"
Punti negativi: "I paid to select aisle seating but upon board found out my seating was the middle seat."
Punti positivi: "That I didn’t have to get up so early."
Punti negativi: "Didn’t like coming via Dubai - parents have no control of their children. Tearing my hair out."
Punti positivi: "Easy to check in on the app. The Qantas crew as usual are friendly and helpful, and entertainment is pretty good."
Punti negativi: "Unfortunately we picked the seats by the toilet, which made sleeping an issue. The space between the seats is quite cramped, very hard to get comfortable for a rest."
Punti positivi: "Staff were friendly. Enjoyed getting a meal included in the ticket for everyone."
Punti negativi: "Could be more of a range of movies to watch"
Punti positivi: "Business class seats are private and allow for lay flat sleeping"
Punti positivi: "Great crew, meals were good."
Punti negativi: "Flight delayed three hours."
Punti positivi: "All great!"
Punti positivi: "Typical great Qantas customer service and safety"
Punti negativi: "I don't understand why the fourth busiest route internationally is still so expensive.."
Punti positivi: "Comfort puntualità imbarco sbarco decollo atterraggio"
Punti negativi: "-"
Punti positivi: "I knew what to do without having been there before, thanks to electronic info available at my seat, in-flight announcements and signage at the airport."
Punti positivi: "I got to my destination safely and on time. Food and service were above average."
Punti positivi: "Relatively smooth flight. Good snacks at back of plane. Plenty of bathrooms. Crew were courteous and helpful."
Punti negativi: "Headphone jack and USB charging jack didn't work. So wasn't able to watch any movies. Arm rest was broken. When the seat in front reclines it gets very tight forcing you to recline and do it to the person behind you. Needs refurbishing. The seats are in poor shape and are pretty tight."
Punti positivi: "Nothing. The very best parts were still mediocre"
Punti negativi: "This flight was so uncomfortable. The seats were small, hard and crammed together. Qantas should be ashamed of making people deal with that on a 13+ hour flight. They kept waking us all up and in general staff could provide little"
Punti positivi: "Excellent service as always. Luggage was checked through to the final destination."
Punti negativi: "The passenger next to me was too big to have the armrest down."
Punti negativi: "They did not have vegetarian food in spite of my request."
Punti positivi: "Surprised they served breakfast on short haul flight. Check in easy."
Punti positivi: "Staff friendly. Dinner served on flight. Unexpected but welcomed and delicious. Arrived on time. Thank you Qantas (((:"
Punti positivi: "The crew in the ground and plane were very accommodating for Sydney to New York flight."
Punti negativi: "On the flight from New York to Sydney the crew were rude and indifferent to needs even condescending."
Punti positivi: "Always organised"
Punti positivi: "Loved the hot chocolate and chocolate."
Punti negativi: "No choices available for dinner and other snacks not very good."
Punti positivi: "Aircraft"
Punti negativi: "Compares very unfavourably to Emirates who we used on the outward leg. Food very poor and choices limited by the time we were served."
Punti positivi: "Crew and foodnostfing"
Punti negativi: "Boarding unorganized."
Punti positivi: "As I stated previously, I am blind and found the special assistance Qantas offers invaluable. Every crew member I interacted with was polite, thoughtful, warm, attentive, and extremely helpful."
Punti positivi: "Crew are professional and food is good quality!"
Punti negativi: "The cabin is way too old and out of date, especially considering alternative business class options. Time for an update Wantas before it hits your bottom line (if it hasn't already)."
Punti positivi: "I had eight flights on this trip. The fact that everything was pretty much routine on this flight is a good thing."
Punti positivi: "The crew were really very good kind and could not have done more. I have crew members who are patients of mine and I know the stress they undergo and I wa actually very proud of the crew in my section of the aircraft"
Punti negativi: "Not applicable"
Punti positivi: "I liked that they accommodated my dietary restrictions"
Punti negativi: "I didn't like the seating. It was really cramped"
Punti positivi: "On time and efficient."
Punti negativi: "No GF food choices offered - always try asking for a bit of fruit if what's on offer doesn't suit."
Punti positivi: "Crew members were nice and courteous"
Punti negativi: "Flight was delayed more than 4 hours . Seats are not roomy at all and not comfortable compared to other international airways."
Punti positivi: "It was a Qantas flight not an Emirates flight for your correct information."
Punti negativi: "I was hoping to be on board an Emirates plane notQantas msybe another time"
Punti positivi: "Entertainment system was good as usual"
Punti negativi: "No food on plane due to issues after extended delay Woke up 4 1/2 hours before flight due to land with a frozen orange juice and a muffin. Too much wind to land and a final vomitus landing. Not the best."
Punti negativi: "food was probably the worst airline food that I have ever tried to eat. Wasn't even able or wanted to eat it."
Punti positivi: "On board staff was friendly. Good entertainment system but that's about it."
Punti negativi: "We were delayed for re-catering reasons. But there was no vegetarian option for the snack (just a chicken sandwich). I also asked for a window seat and the check in counter said it was all full. There were PLENTY of window seats. I don't appreciate being lied to. I usually select seats during online checkin for all my Qantas flights but did not have that option as I only have my mobile and there is no mobile friendly capability on the app/mobile browser. What is the point of the app?!"
Punti positivi: "Great check in, comfy plane, with arm rests that go fully up, even when the plane is taking off and landing."
Punti negativi: "The lamb meatballs with couscous was the worst tasting thing I've ever eaten on a plane ever."
Punti positivi: "Attendants were polite; wine was nice"
Punti negativi: "Food was awful"
Punti negativi: "Even though I am a gold member of qantas on a code share flight you are treated as a nobody. Do not fly Jet Airways"
Informazioni COVID-19

Misure di sicurezza per le compagnie aeree con voli per Wellington

Le compagnie aeree con voli per Wellington hanno messo in atto misure di sicurezza aggiuntive e adeguato le loro politiche per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei viaggiatori. Le politiche variano in base alla compagnia aerea.

Sanificazione potenziata

Pulizia quotidiana, installazione di filtri HEPA a bordo dei voli che arrivano per Wellington

Mascherine obbligatorie

Mascherine obbligatorie a bordo, mascherine fornite sui voli che arrivano per Wellington

Organizzazione dei posti in base al distanziamento sociale

Posto centrale non disponibile per la prenotazione dei voli che arrivano per Wellington

Test pre-volo

Test per anticorpi, test per sintomi per i voli che arrivano per Wellington

Cancellazioni flessibili

Nessuna tariffa aggiuntiva per il cambio volo. Cerca voli flessibili che arrivano per Wellington

Prenota biglietti aerei economici Wellington

Offerte recenti sui voli andata e ritorno

2 scaliQantas Airways
39h 30mMXP-WLG
2 scaliQantas Airways
38h 35mWLG-MXP
1.249 €
3 scaliEmirates
42h 10mMXP-WLG
3 scaliEmirates
62h 05mWLG-MXP
1.309 €
3 scaliEmirates
32h 45mMXP-WLG
3 scaliEmirates
39h 50mWLG-MXP
1.332 €
3 scaliEmirates
50h 00mMXP-WLG
3 scaliEmirates
42h 55mWLG-MXP
1.348 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
35h 55mLIN-WLG
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
49h 00mWLG-LIN
1.377 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
30h 55mMXP-WLG
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
54h 10mWLG-MXP
1.458 €
3 scaliEmirates
52h 35mBLQ-WLG
3 scaliEmirates
40h 00mWLG-BLQ
1.555 €
3 scaliEmirates
37h 35mBLQ-WLG
3 scaliEmirates
40h 00mWLG-BLQ
1.631 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
57h 10mMXP-WLG
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
45h 10mWLG-MXP
1.679 €

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Offerte recenti sui voli di sola andata

3 scaliDiverse compagnie
55h 30mMXP-WLG
673 €
2 scaliSingapore Airlines
40h 10mMXP-WLG
820 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
41h 10mBGY-WLG
971 €
3 scaliEmirates
35h 45mFCO-WLG
974 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
37h 35mLIN-WLG
1.052 €

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Offerte recenti sui voli nazionali

1h 05mAKL-WLG
1h 00mWLG-AKL
56 €
1h 05mAKL-WLG
1h 05mWLG-AKL
83 €
0h 50mCHC-WLG
1 scaloJetstar
8h 00mWLG-CHC
91 €
1 scaloJetstar
5h 05mCHC-WLG
0h 50mWLG-CHC
94 €
direttoAir New Zealand
1h 15mROT-WLG
direttoAir New Zealand
1h 10mWLG-ROT
124 €

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Voli per Wellington


Wellington (WLG)Nuova Zelanda

Offerte di volo per il ritorno:

Wellington - Italia


1.125 €

Esplora luoghi di partenza:

1.555 €
1.249 €
1.151 €
2.009 €

Esplora destinazioni:

1.151 €