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Food was a disaster, and that’s in the business class ..

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Food was a disaster, and that’s in the business class ..

Punti positivi: "Crew professional. Clean. Safety and security and health prioritized."
Punti negativi: "food could have been better."
Punti positivi: "The check-in crew in Chicago was very nice and efficient. The flight crew on-board were not friendly, they were very curt and rushed, and did not go out of their way to be helpful."
Punti negativi: "Friendlier staff during the flight. Better food for breakfast. The connection port for my headphones did not work...I would not have been able to watch movies if I hadn't brought my own single connection head phones."
Punti positivi: "The crew was really sweet and making sure passengers were comfortable."
Punti negativi: "Food"
Punti positivi: "Crew was great, seating was cramped."
Punti negativi: "Seating."
Punti positivi: "All okey except earphones issue .. doesn’t works to be connected"
Punti negativi: "Too much A/C, feel cold."
Punti negativi: "Check-in for ticket took 2 hours!"
Punti positivi: "Great crew and food. Nice economy class."
Punti positivi: "Crew was wonderful. Entertainment very good."
Punti negativi: "Seats for its along way"
Punti positivi: "Departed on time. Courteous staff."
Punti negativi: "I had a continuing flight in first class but was not allowed entrance to the first class lounge."
Punti positivi: "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Punti negativi: "the lights kept changing color above constantly which made it hard to sleep when needed. Was traveling with 2 small children and the ability to sit/eat comfortably was a challenge due to the limited space. Food was unappetizing and would have just preferred more fruits instead of the bland meals"
Punti positivi: "Crew was really amazing."
Punti negativi: "Wifi not working- huge disappointment. Seats a bit hard on A350. The overhead bins on the inside suitable only for tall people."
Punti negativi: "It was delayed 3hrs but no regret from staff. Doha to staff very bad and arrogant"
Punti positivi: "Super comfy seat and entertainment, plus staff super nice"
Punti negativi: "Too long on boarding"
Punti negativi: "Ok"
Punti positivi: "Staff was courteous"
Punti negativi: "My meal preference was not available."
Punti positivi: "Seating and comfort is great, as long as you are not seated next to a 'larger' person or a person with restricted mobility. Not a fault of Qatar airways, but probably the norm in most international flights in Economy. Food was the best of all the airlines I have flown, and the correct temperature as well."
Punti negativi: "Seat width could be a little better, but this is the norm, I would assume across all airlines."
Punti negativi: "most of us sitting in and around me didn't get any rest or sleep as we had a passenger who had a psychotic breakdown and was screaming and poking everyone. She sprinkled me with water severally, I hope we get some sort of compensation from Qatar airways for this terrible disturbance"
Punti positivi: "Loved the array of film choices. The food was lovely and the service was fabulous. Lovely warm blankets ."
Punti negativi: "nothing"
Punti positivi: "Like before,Awesome experience provided by inflight crew, who attended to all your needs for this 4 hour long flight Made us feel really at home!"
Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "They cancelled my trip"
Punti positivi: "Crew"
Punti positivi: "Qatar airways is the best airlines and they serve you like a 5 stars hotel"
Punti negativi: "The problem is when they linked a flights frome other airlines companies. Under ( one world ) On this flight the were linked with sirlankian airlines The flight was full and a lot of older asian on flight they don’t respect people and speak loudly The smell was not good enough"
Punti positivi: "Food was great Seats were comfortable Everyone was super nice"
Punti positivi: "service, food and cleanness"
Punti negativi: "I’m a 6’3” in shape man. I selected the bulkhead seats for extra leg room. Great crew, but my shoulders stuck past the seat edge 3” on both sides. Qatar should revise their claim of most room in cabin - this 12 hour flight was one of the roughest I’ve had in a long time comfort wise."
Punti positivi: "The service was excellent, the hostesses were very friendly, smiling and helping. The food was tasty and delicious..."
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "The cabin crew was very helpful and cheerful and everyone had a smile on their face."
Punti negativi: "Entertainment devices are slow to respond."
Punti positivi: "Hospitality and food."
Punti negativi: "Seats are not comfortable."
Punti positivi: "Boarding"
Punti negativi: "Comfort"
Punti positivi: "Food was better. Seating was comfortable."
Punti positivi: "Excellent service from the crew. Flight on time."
Punti positivi: "The aircraft was new, the flight was empty and the flight attendants were extremely attentive! It was great. Wish I had the same experience on the previous flight."
Punti negativi: "The food ,however, was disappointing again."
Punti positivi: "Friendly staff. Good food."
Punti negativi: "Unlike my flight from US to Qatar, this flight was outdated and their video streaming touch device was old."
Punti positivi: "Staff were professional, food was good and seats were comfortable."
Punti positivi: "Superiore rispetto alle Business europee. Incredibili le operazioni di chekin: - addetti Qatar Airways raccolgono le valigie direttamente dal taxi e le portano al check-in - immigration con coda separata e nell'attesa drink e cibo - lounge fra le migliori mai viste con self service e servizio al tavolo - comodissimi gli aerei ma qui siamo nella norma - attentissimo il servizio a bordo"
Punti negativi: "Nulla di negativo da segnalare"
Punti positivi: "The flight left without me! Nobody called my name or came to find me while I was in the lounge!"
Punti negativi: "The flight left without me! Nobody called my name or came to find me while I was in the lounge!"
Punti positivi: "Excellent crew who were warm and attentive. Wide range of entertainment options."
Punti negativi: "Food was disappointing. No western option despite it being a London bound flight."
Punti positivi: "Courteous, helpful and professional crew members."
Punti negativi: "No internet service on long international flight. Boarding process for business class could be better."
Punti positivi: "Qatar has an amazing service. The staff is impecable, the food is great, they take care of each detail. Business class is superb. They make the bed, give you a complimentary pitada and moisture lotion. Can't be better than that."
Punti positivi: "Everythinగ"
Punti negativi: "Nil"
Punti positivi: "Not much"
Punti negativi: "One of bags was missing and I came to know this only after waiting until the last bag. The staff knew that my bag did not make it out of Doha. It would have been nice if I was informed as soon as I landed so I did not have to wait for an hour unnecessarily. And the paperwork to report the missing baggage was totally Chaotic. Whoever barged to the counter and was aggressive got priority and taking down the details and giving us a receipt. This is probably my 5 or 6 flight in Qatar and it seems that you guys are slipping up as Emirates had done. Hope you don't."
Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "No entertainment"
Punti positivi: "Wonderful staff, service, food and comfort."
Punti positivi: "Overall ok. Wheel chair was.not available In Karachi and in Houston"
Punti negativi: "Attention to special needs"
Punti positivi: "Schermo non funzionante"
Punti negativi: "Poche informazioni sul ritardo"
Punti positivi: "Staff was excellent"
Punti negativi: "More selection or choices like international food not like focus on Indian food"

+ Equipaggio sempre allegri e felici + Interno aereo nuovo e pulito + Buona attenzione alla disciplina anti-COVID - Partenza in ritardo inizialmente per problema staff, poi valigia da scaricare per passeggero mancante, finalmente per problema attrezzatura aeroporto. Una storia… - Postazione 26F molto ristretto con poco spazio per i ginocchi, bracce, sotto la sedia davanti. sono nella media per altezza (182cm) ma mi sentivo scomodo.

Fully booked so the BA policy of 2 pieces of carry on falls down....

The company did not know how to handle COVID bureaucracy efficiently or even correctly. We were asked to fill in four forms when only one is needed or even checked at all. I had to come in early to the airport, take a COVID test and then wait in the airport departure lobby for almost 1h to check in while waiting for the test results. Given that I spent a substantial amount to get a business ticket, I expected my time to be respected and to have business facilities made available. Once reached, the lounge now has an ordering system instead of self-service. The food was honestly disgusting, cold boiled rice without any salt and some "Spanish chorizo chicken" that had no chorizo and tasted like boiled chicken dropped in reheated tomato sauce. The plane departed one hour late. The business class seat was small, but comfortable. The company sent a boiler plate email apologizing which is something you appreciate the first time and it becomes grating when you get more than one per week.

All good

Punti negativi: "Cibo"
Punti positivi: "Great service."
Punti negativi: "Interesting business class configuration. Felt cramped compared to normal business class configuration of 4 across,"
Punti positivi: "Great crew"
Punti positivi: "The flight attendant in our long flight, London to Hoiston, was extremely nice and took very good care of our section. The seats were not all that comfortable: you could feel there was minimal padding on mine and my partner's neck rest wouldn't stay up."
Punti negativi: "We were shocked to learn there were no outlets on the long flight from London to Houston. Luckily we had a power bank, otherwise our phones would've been dead."
Punti negativi: "Seriously on an international flight between Linate, Milan to Heathrow, London PAY pounds for a hot coffee or tea."
Punti positivi: "Niente"
Punti negativi: "Volo in overbooking ho dovuto imbarcare i passeggini Cibo a pagamento Personale scortese"
Punti positivi: "Tutto bene"
Punti positivi: "Great crew, excellent legroom, excellent meal, snacks"
Punti negativi: "Eliminating the 1 hour delay to get to the gate at Logan after landing early."
Punti positivi: "L'hostess"
Punti negativi: "Private bus for business class would be better"
Punti negativi: "Lo scalo del ritorno è stato troppo breve e a causato lo smarrimento del bagaglio . Inoltre un viaggio che dura un giorno intero deve comprendere almeno un pasto nella tariffa"
Punti negativi: "Scalo troppo breve al ritorno che ha causato lo smarrimento del bagaglio Un viaggio che dura un giorno intero deve almeno garantire un pasto incluso"
Punti negativi: "Tempo di off-boarding"
Punti negativi: "I film in italiano sono limitati"
Punti positivi: "Nulla, solo discomfort"
Punti negativi: "Accoglienza e puntualità"
Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "Same as above."
Punti positivi: "Flight crew was friendly. Getting to leave the plane."
Punti negativi: "Seats were the smallest since I tried Ryan Air. Boarding is ridiculous process of elevators, buses, and salmon stand-offs as people board from the front & rear with no guidance. Arrival was also waiting on buses before a 15 minute ride to the far side of the airport. No food or beverage is offered free. Not a pleasant experience in any way."
Punti negativi: "Il ritardo di 1 ora per la partenza"
Punti negativi: "Il ritardo di più di un’ora della partenza è inaccettabile per una compagnia aerea come la BA"
Punti positivi: "The crew was enthusiastic"
Punti negativi: "No m&s sandwiches on board, half filled tea cups (even when asking for no milk)"
Punti positivi: "short flight, no issues"
Punti negativi: "nothing of importance"
Punti positivi: "Nothing to say"
Punti negativi: "Everything. Will never book AA/BA again. Ended up with 42 hours journey."
Punti negativi: "The worst flight I took in years. A dated airplane, with seats uncomfortable and worn off, an inflight entertainment system that looked straight from the 90s. We had. 1:20h delay ( announced on board ) on departure as the engine had to be repaired and replacement parts installed."
Punti positivi: "Cleanliness of the plane, comfort on board"
Punti negativi: "Totally unpolite personnel at Heathrow airport. We were at the beginning of the line, but they forced us to check-in the cabin bag, asserting that the flight was packed and there was no space available. The girl that was checking our ticket didn't answer our questions regarding the reason, and told us to speak with her boss. Her boss told us pointlessly that our bag was chosen randomly. In the end, we had to put in a little plastic bag everything valuable we had in the baggage, though on the plane there was plenty of space available in the overhead lockers."
Punti positivi: "N/A"
Punti negativi: "N/A"
Punti positivi: "BA did everything right. Weather caused hours of delays on tens of flights. Airport was not prepared to manage the volume"
Punti negativi: "Over 2.5 hours delay"
Punti positivi: "Boarding pass to from LHR to Hyderabad was not iisued at SAT airport. The guy with wheelchair at London didn't help in getting me boarding pass in time. My flight scheduled left. I had to wait for the next flight enroute to Delhi rather than hyderabad directly. I had to wait for more than 10 Hrs at LHR and Delhi. There was heavy delay to reach my destination."
Punti negativi: "Non-issue of boarding pass from LHR to Hyderabad at SAT airport USA. Callous attitude of the guy who didn't help me in getting me the boarding pass at LHR. Enrouting me through Delhi to Hyderabad instead of a direct flight I had to wait for more than 10 Hrs at LHR and Delhi. There was heavy delay to reach my destination."
Punti negativi: "If you want to reserve your airline seat (I'm talking a standard economy seat) you have to pay $34 per seat if it's 24 hours or more before your flight. Guess what happens at 24 hours? The airport takes over and you're stuck in the middle of a crowded 10.5 hour flight all because you weren't able to select your seat ahead of time. Just another money grab from a tanking airline."
Punti negativi: "Neppure un bicchiere d’acqua. Volo da 40 anni non mi era mai capitato."
Punti positivi: "The crew were very nice and friendly."
Punti negativi: "The seat configuration in business class is the worst of all carriers I have ever flown. Very uncomfortable in so many ways."
Punti negativi: "Very disappoint as British Airways company. No difference with low costs companies."
Punti positivi: "Poco"
Punti negativi: "Il volo con 45' di ritardo (una consuetudine guardando i giorni precedenti). All'arrivo ancora attesa all'interno del aeromobile, perché il terminal non era pronto. Nel 2018 è inaccettabile, i mezzi di comunicazione esistono e funzionano. Assurdo!"
Punti positivi: "Poco"
Punti negativi: "All'arrivo attesa all'interno del aeromobile (20/30', perché il terminal era guasto e non si trovava un' autoscala per scendere). Assurdo!"
Punti positivi: "Il posto"
Punti negativi: "Dormivo e non mi hanno avvertito della partenza ritardata"
Punti negativi: "I wish we would have been offered something to drink that was complimentary."
Punti positivi: "la puntualità"
Punti negativi: "la difficoltà all'imabrco per l'eccesso di bagagli a mano. avrei oreferito un imbarco forzato in stiva per un certo numero di passeggeri (io ero gruppo 4 e probabile canditato ...) perchè troppe persone portano come secondo bagaglio item troppo grandi e invece di inserirli sotto i sedili li devono mettono nei comparti overhead. non ci sta più nulla! il personale èstato comunque premuroso e gentile (con con grande professionalità) riducendo il fastidio. era venerdì sera."
Punti positivi: "la puntualità"
Punti negativi: "volendo essere critici durante la notte ua tutti i costi n maggiore servizio di bevande sarebbe stato aprrezzato ma ho comunque dormito parecchie ore e forse ho perso dei passaggi"
Punti positivi: "Spazio in più in larghezza e per le gambe. Vale il maggior costo."
Punti positivi: "On time"
Punti negativi: "Overhead luggage compartments broken and taped shut. Delay in boarding. Nothing offered not even water. Except items to be purchased. No frills airline at non budget price"
Punti positivi: "Partenza in orario, arrivo in anticipo. Personale cortese"
Punti negativi: "British è ormai come ryan, non danno gratis neanche un bicchiere d'acqua. Su un volo di due ore intorno a mezzogiorno se vuoi uno snack lo paghi"
Punti negativi: "Delayed 4 hours!"
Punti positivi: "we took off and we landed"
Punti negativi: "Checkmytrip kept giving different information about the flight. once on board with delay first officer said they would try to make up time. Soon it was all about air traffic control. said that FlightConnections would be working on flights for this with missed connections. not true - nothing done while we were flying, and landed"
Punti positivi: "Music, maps, news"
Punti positivi: "Niente"
Punti negativi: "Non sono riusciti a farci stare seduti insieme, sedili rotti, tray rotto. Peggio di così?"
Punti positivi: "volo di per se tranquillo e staff eccellente"
Punti negativi: "in London city non c'è una Lounge di BA il volo è partito con 30 minuti e più di ritardo l'aeroporto è piccolo e trafficatissimo"
Punti negativi: "They didn't give a direct flight but gave to Mumbai and then from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Had to collect my luggage and recheckin those."
Punti negativi: "Old aircraft with limited space and entertainment (Business class). One hour delay on arrival."

الركوب للطائرة كان سهلا، قدموا لنا اختيارين من الشطائر وقت الغداء، دجاج أو فلافل، لا يوجد شاشات للترفيه أمام كل راكب.👎 Easy boarding, they present two choices of sandwich at lunch time, chichen or falafel, there wasn't a screen ahead of every passenger. 👎

Punti positivi: "very poor experience transiting through Jeddah airport"
Punti negativi: "There was no wheelchair that was request. Had to walk long distance in severe pain. no one bothered to listen. Will never fly Saudia again"
Punti positivi: "Crew was okay and seats were comfortable"
Punti negativi: "Food and boarding"
Punti positivi: "I had my own row of seating because the flight was pretty empty so it was very comfortable"
Punti negativi: "Nothing. Excellent flight"
Punti positivi: "Onboard services improved dramatically since last for same route ✅"
Punti positivi: "Good flight with good crew"
Punti negativi: "None"
Punti positivi: "Nice and smooth"
Punti negativi: "NA"
Punti negativi: "Entertainment wasn’t working , toilet not enough only 2 at the end of plane"
Punti negativi: "It would have been better if the crew were bit courtesy towards the passengers They treat passengers annoyingly when we requested beverages"
Punti negativi: "The lay over from dubai to jeddah int’l airport is chaotic. Small airport terminal. Saudia airlines is not strict in regards to hand carry baggage sizes and numbers that cause delays for its flight."
Punti negativi: "Thanks"
Punti positivi: "On time Cleanliness"
Punti negativi: "Food"
Punti positivi: "The in-flight service was great. The flight crew was polite and courteous. Overall, the flight duration from Jeddah to NYC was bearable."
Punti positivi: "Crew responsiveness"
Punti negativi: "Bag drop off took alot of time & surprisingly the line in sky priority was much slower than the regular check-in line. Delay by 30 mins in departure even though i boarded 30mins before scheduled departure time"
Punti positivi: "The aircraft and crew was ok..overall"
Punti negativi: "The jedah airport is to small, somany people..hard to find tge nice place to wait..since my transit iss 4.5 hr ...need more woman toilet.. i am abit worry about my back..cos my transit is 10.20 in there hope i can find a nice place to sleep"
Punti positivi: "CLOSE TO ENTRANCE"
Punti negativi: "Changing the terminal and getting the luggage from domestic to international terminal. The saudi representative at the saudi airlines checkin counter was rude, looked as if he was prejudiced, told me the flight was full, while it was not. he could have given me a better seat."
Punti positivi: "On time boarding. On time departure. Smooth departure. Friendly crew. Good food service. On line landing. smooth landing."
Punti negativi: "Checked in Luggage come out 30 minutes late."
Punti positivi: "Terrible"
Punti negativi: "Terrible"
Punti positivi: "LOVED the WiFi on board. Awesome."
Punti negativi: "No booze? Wish i would have known that before booking. Probably wouldn’t have chosen this airline. I love having a glass of wine on international flights. It helps me relax. The fact it was 15 hours of dryness, put a damper on the flight. Also, there was a prayer to “allah” that came on the info system, and the plane was chanting. Very uncomfortable. Probably will not fly this airline again."
Punti negativi: "After 6 hrs of serving us the first meal they served us, literally, a chicken FLAVORED piece of toast, they called it a sandwich, with a cup of tea. Then we had to wait another 6 hrs before we were served a meal. Never EVER had an experience like that before."
Punti negativi: "The flight also was postponed several times (3 times)"
Punti negativi: "The flight was postponed several times. and service at the plane was poor. It was a 12 hours flight and we was supposed to have one meal and a snack! Thank god I had some extra food for my kid."
Punti negativi: "The flight was late"
Punti negativi: "Delayed flight from Jeddah as usual."
Punti positivi: "The flight attendants were very helpful."
Punti negativi: "This flight was delayed 4 hours due to "technical problems", which is understandable, however, during those 4 hours the passengers had no information. The flight information on the screens would say "go to gate", "last call", etc, several times, but they weren't boarding, they didn't even have a gate assigned to them! Passengers just stood around confused for many hours. This at Jeddah's King Abdulaziz Airport, by far the worst airport I have ever been at in the world."
Punti positivi: "They upgrade me to be J class instead of Y class"
Punti negativi: "Flight depart from Cairo too late I was checking in as J class but my bags arrived too late."
Punti positivi: "Very bad travell"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "Not much."
Punti negativi: "Because I booked thru Kayak, Saudi would not allow internet access to my record. This meant my frequent flier info was not in my record and my seat was assigned at the airport. So instead of a seat near the front of guest class I was way in the back. SAUDIA is notorious for lots of children and babies on their flights. I had a 5 year old kicking my seat all the way, even after being asked to stop."
Punti positivi: "Super humid and extremely hot add to that some damages in the plan itself and leaking airplan bathroom Out of the company and crew hand that was turbulence and rough flight"
Punti negativi: "Super humid and extremely hot add to that some damages in the plan itself and leaking airplan bathroom Out of the company and crew hand that was turbulence and rough flight"
Punti positivi: "The crews was not helpful"
Punti negativi: "The. Flight was on time"
Punti negativi: "Disturbance from co passengers"
Punti negativi: "Delay after delay. Broken entertainment system"
Punti positivi: "the flight itinerary was good"
Punti negativi: "I wish if you have a comfortable place during the connection"
Punti negativi: "The hostesses in the my cabin (our seats were row 55) were extremely cery rude. One of the aged one litteraly acted like she was my mother in the sense of bossing around. They were not attentive to when people called them and they were really very rude to almost everyone that asked them for help. I had a 3 yr old who got tired of sitting so i took him around and took him to prayer area when no one else was there, and they came in telling us that it was not safe and i told them that he just wanted to walk around and we just got here iw will go in 2 mins and they were like no sorry its not safe, something with ocygen and everything and i was like if i pray here then it wudnt be dangerous? And they were like ur baby wont be here. Why in the world will my baby stay at his seat when his mother is away. And then I was really sick that day which is why i was drinking alot of tea that i do not even like, i was only drinking it bez it was hot and they were giving me attitude giving the tea. Also one time they did not have the tea so i asked them to give me hot water and one of them said u have to wait 5 mins when we start serving and at that time i really thought she just did not wanna give it yo me because they were just being mean. I did not know tht genuinly they were refreshing everything, so one of them brought me boiling hot water and then cane 5 mine later with food and taunted me that you did not finish your water. For heavens sake I was not gonna drink boiling hot water, i was waiting for it to get to the level ehetr i cud drink it. Overall extremely very disappointed"
Punti negativi: "Had requested vegetarian meals for me daughter and she did not receive one on any of our flights."
Punti negativi: "The check up at the airport"
Punti positivi: "New planes - Comfortable seating"
Punti negativi: "No understanding of nuts and associated nut allergies - especially life threatening ones. 1. Pistachios left in seat pockets (my daughter has life threatening allergies from pistachio) - we explained to the stewardesses and the pilot came to - his answer was "SO WHAT" 2. Brownies served as dessert have traces of peanuts (my son has life threatening peanut allergies) 3. Dates served with nuts"
Punti negativi: "The checking crew at checking kiosk...didn’t know what they were doing when it came to visa permits or airline employee benefits."
Punti positivi: "Entertainment is okay but can be better"
Punti negativi: "Lie flat bed was uncomfortable"
Punti positivi: "none"
Punti negativi: "Airline boarding pass / check in counter behavior is unacceptable. They have very poor knowledge how to handle domestic to international flight passenger. Jeddah counter representative even don't know domestic and international terminal are different location in Ryadh; they even don't know passenger has to collect luggage and go to international terminal for final destination. As per Jeddah airlines counter supervisor, domestic and internation terminals are in same location whereas in reality we need to go with a bus. original flight was 4 hours connecting time but airlines changed to 2 hours. We are lucky that we don't missed our flight because we were 1 minutes late to close check in / collect boarding pass; as per counter representative. one of the biggest issue was as follows: when we went to Jeddah counter, we have requested for both boarding pass (Jeddah to Ryadh to JFK) including baggage to be collected to JFK; unfortunate duty supervisor behavior was unacceptable. He was very rood. He was repeating same word and telling "do you understand english" same word again and again with aggressive mood whereas he is very poor in english."
Punti positivi: "Staff was nice."
Punti positivi: "Excellent flight and service. Best value for business class"
Punti positivi: "My first Saudia flight was with an older plane with crummy business class seats and a flight crew that was so-so. This flight was a delight. Great cabin crew, lovely aircraft, good food.l I really enjoyed it."
Punti positivi: "I feel good to travel with Saudi airlines, the departure and arrival is on time onboard the facilities provided is good, the crew is good"
Punti negativi: "Recived the delay SMS after the flight landed"
Punti negativi: "Also, they do not have any compensation or do nothing to deal with my trouble"
Punti positivi: "Flight was on Time , the seats were comfortable and the staff was very courteous."
Punti negativi: "The food was terrible"
Punti positivi: "Good flight good pilot"
Punti negativi: "The plane was late. Chairs are not comfort"
Punti positivi: "Easy booking and quick confirmation"
Punti negativi: "Pre seat reservation which left us with no choice of changing seats"
Informazioni COVID-19

Misure di sicurezza per le compagnie aeree con voli per Hyderabad

Le compagnie aeree con voli per Hyderabad hanno messo in atto misure di sicurezza aggiuntive e adeguato le loro politiche per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei viaggiatori. Le politiche variano in base alla compagnia aerea.

Sanificazione potenziata

Pulizia quotidiana, installazione di filtri HEPA a bordo dei voli che arrivano per Hyderabad

Mascherine obbligatorie

Mascherine obbligatorie a bordo, mascherine fornite sui voli che arrivano per Hyderabad

Organizzazione dei posti in base al distanziamento sociale

Posto centrale non disponibile per la prenotazione dei voli che arrivano per Hyderabad

Test pre-volo

Test per anticorpi, test per sintomi per i voli che arrivano per Hyderabad

Cancellazioni flessibili

Nessuna tariffa aggiuntiva per il cambio volo. Cerca voli flessibili che arrivano per Hyderabad

Prenota biglietti aerei economici Hyderabad

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3 scaliDiverse compagnie
45h 30mBGY-HYD
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
32h 25mHYD-BGY
522 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
45h 45mMXP-HYD
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
43h 15mHYD-MXP
557 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
45h 45mMXP-HYD
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
26h 30mHYD-MXP
574 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
22h 00mBGY-HYD
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
20h 45mHYD-BGY
606 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
18h 45mBGY-HYD
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
17h 15mHYD-BGY
625 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
19h 50mMXP-HYD
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
20h 35mHYD-MXP
810 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
18h 35mLIN-HYD
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
17h 15mHYD-LIN
810 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
18h 55mMXP-HYD
1 scaloDiverse compagnie
15h 25mHYD-MXP
894 €
1 scaloQatar Airways
11h 55mMXP-HYD
1 scaloQatar Airways
14h 15mHYD-MXP
908 €
1 scaloQatar Airways
22h 30mMXP-HYD
2 scaliQatar Airways
19h 50mHYD-MXP
981 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
24h 55mMXP-HYD
1 scaloDiverse compagnie
13h 30mHYD-MXP
1.391 €
1 scaloBritish Airways
34h 35mLIN-HYD
2 scaliBritish Airways
21h 25mHYD-LIN
1.679 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
15h 00mLIN-HYD
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
18h 05mHYD-LIN
1.815 €

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2 scaliDiverse compagnie
15h 45mMXP-HYD
197 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
16h 15mBGY-HYD
201 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
19h 40mMXP-HYD
205 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
20h 10mBGY-HYD
211 €
3 scaliDiverse compagnie
41h 55mLIN-HYD
276 €
1 scaloSAUDIA
14h 50mMXP-HYD
290 €
1 scaloBritish Airways
13h 25mLIN-HYD
443 €
2 scaliDiverse compagnie
14h 30mLIN-HYD
636 €

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Offerte recenti sui voli nazionali

direttoAir India
1h 55mDEL-HYD
1 scaloAir India
5h 00mHYD-DEL
60 €
2h 20mDEL-HYD
2h 25mHYD-DEL
149 €
2h 15mDEL-HYD
2h 20mHYD-DEL
169 €
2h 10mDEL-HYD
2h 00mHYD-DEL
577 €
2h 15mDEL-HYD
2h 15mHYD-DEL
580 €

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Voli per Hyderabad


Hyderabad (HYD)India

Offerte di volo per il ritorno:

Hyderabad - Italia


585 €

Esplora luoghi di partenza:

557 €
919 €

Esplora destinazioni:

522 €