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  • Cerchi voli economici per Brisbane? Considera che il 25% dei nostri utenti ha trovato dei voli per Brisbane a prezzi uguali o inferiori a quelli che seguono: Da Milano 657 € sola andata - 744 € andata e ritorno, da Roma 585 € sola andata - 769 € andata e ritorno, da Brindisi 941 € andata e ritorno
  • Prenota almeno 2 settimane prima della partenza per trovare prezzi più bassi della media.
  • I mesi di gennaio, febbraio e dicembre sono considerati alta stagione. Il mese più economico per viaggiare a Brisbane è marzo.
  • Inserisci le date e l'aeroporto di partenza preferiti nel campo di ricerca qui sopra per accedere alle ultime offerte sui voli per Brisbane.
  • Se cerchi un volo dall’Italia per l’aeroporto di Brisbane (BNE), prendi in considerazione le compagnie Qatar Airways ed Emirates, che offrono entrambe collegamenti dall’aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino (FCO) con scalo all’aeroporto di Dubai (DXB). Preferisci partire dall’aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa (MXP)? In questo caso hai a disposizione i voli con uno o due scali operati da diverse compagnie aeree, tra cui Etihad Airways e Singapore Airlines.
  • Hub principale di Virgin Australia e Qantas, l’aeroporto di Brisbane serve la città di Brisbane e l’intera area sud-est del Queensland che comprende la Gold Coast e la Sunshine Coast, due località gettonate dai surfisti.
  • Dall’aeroporto di Brisbane puoi raggiungere il centro di Brisbane con i taxi operati da 13cabs e Black & White Cabs. Il costo di una corsa si aggira intorno ai 45-55 $ (circa 28-34 €). Il tempo medio di percorrenza nelle fasce orarie senza picchi di traffico è di circa 20 minuti.

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Valutazioni in base alle recensioni dei clienti KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesValutazione complessiva sulla base di 3914 recensioni
Recensioni compagnia aerea
Punti positivi: "Again seats space could be better. Crews were very attentive."
Punti negativi: "Other passengers reclining their seats could be a nuisance..."
Altre info su Singapore Airlines
Punti positivi: "Again seats space could be better. Crews were very attentive."
Punti negativi: "Other passengers reclining their seats could be a nuisance..."
Punti positivi: "Amazing crew, very nice and helpful."
Punti positivi: "Crew very attentive but not intrusive. Food very good."
Punti negativi: "I did not find much to watch on entertainment system. Have to get crew to assemble flat bed, a bit of a nuisance. Also to turn it back into a chair."
Punti positivi: "Crew were helpful and attended to any needs that we requested. As I am a big person the seat is never that comfortable but Singapore Airlines seating is more spacious than other companies I have flown with."
Punti negativi: "The food was not too attractive, better variety of main meals"
Punti negativi: "NA"
Punti positivi: "The crew was really nice. The plane was clean and comfortable."
Punti positivi: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Punti negativi: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Punti positivi: "Always love the SIA business product on long haul."
Punti negativi: "This trip had a lot of minor service and cleanliness misses. But they are quibbles in the scheme of the overall great product."
Punti positivi: "Average flight"
Punti negativi: "Seats on this aircraft have very upright seats. Not very comfy"
Punti negativi: "For better leg room in business class go for the bulkhead seats"
Punti positivi: "Friendly crew and spacious."
Punti negativi: "Food could be better"
Punti negativi: "Satisfied service friendly staff overall satisfied."
Punti positivi: "Seating was spacious, crew was attentive. Boarding was efficient."
Punti negativi: "The food choice was not pleasing to me."
Punti positivi: "Basics are covered. TV screen is big but otherwise nothing special."
Punti negativi: "It is so annoying they want you to pay an extra $20 to pre book any seat. If you need the extra $20 that much, charge me in the original fare! Don't nickel and dime me. At check in they couldn't even get my child seated beside me although a change was made last minute at the gate. Every other airline I've flown recently was better. Sri Lankan and Emirates FAR better service."
Punti negativi: "Ran out of options for dinner and could not eat the macaroni cheese they had on offer, so got 2 small packets of nuts flight running out of food options? Pretty slack. A part of the interior wall fell off onto my foot upon take off and I had to hold it in place for a while until a hostess came....doesn’t give you the best feeling when the plane starts breaking on take off. One of the male stewards was appalling towards a young mum I sat next too...too the extent of giving her dirty looks because she spilled a bit of water on the seat and then told her she had to pack everything away she was using, including the baby wipes! I stepped in and told him how this was not ok and all other staff members were helpful and he was making this Mum upset. He should not be working for such a people friendly reputable airline! Maybe Jetstar instead! Was appalled at the entire flight to be honest!"
Punti positivi: "Food, service"
Punti positivi: "Excellent"
Punti positivi: "Friendly and helpful crew. Efficient service and good boarding. Seemingly wider seats than the newer A350s."
Punti negativi: "Positively ancient entertainment system with poor selection and bad visual quality. Ads pop up every time you go into another menu. If you're flying SIN->BNE I'd avoid the 7.20am departure, you'll get the old 777-200s rather than the A350s they run on other departures."
Punti positivi: "Again friendly and efficient staff and a smooth flight. Best features of Singapore Airlines."
Punti negativi: "The business class seats were smaller than I thought and not so comfortable as the 777. The seats are hard and ungiving and when you sleep on them you really feel it. Plus the flatbed lay out meant you were basically lying in a question mark position, not so goof for tall people like my husband. The food was good but uninteresting and I think for an overnight flight there should be more smaller,lighter, non spicy options offered rather that full dinners."
Punti positivi: "Finally, I could go to my final destination as planned by transmitted to Korean Air flights."
Punti negativi: "My first flight of JetBlue from Olandor to New York was delayed that leading to my connecting flights to my destination were missed. Now, my suitcases have been missed, too."
Punti positivi: "In flight entertainment systems"
Punti negativi: "I had beef with mashed potatoes but I found the beef was quite tough."
Punti positivi: "Flight crew, food, boarding and entertainment great."
Punti negativi: "Just didn't like the 7 hour delay for the flight. Nobody's fault."
Punti positivi: "Staff, food and emenities great for economy class"
Punti negativi: "Inflight entertainment wasn't as extensive as in previous years."
Punti positivi: "Great service"
Punti negativi: "Nil"
Punti positivi: "Service was great especially the food"
Punti negativi: "Service"
Punti positivi: "Natalie is a friendly cheery diligent flight attendant who needs special mention. (Sigapore to Brusane fight 6.1.18)"
Punti positivi: "Was very old plane but was good"
Punti negativi: "Food and crew was well"
Punti positivi: "Finally an airline that loads from the back to the front. Makes sense to me"
Punti negativi: "Crew was very poor in responding to any requests. I am usually very quite and light on demands as i hardly hit call button on the seat to get any assistance, but during meal, I was asked about drink and I opted for Ginger ale. Crew said, she will get back to me and I did not hear from her for another 10 mins, then there was repeat serve of drinks and I was asked if i needed any thing and asked the same drink, but then I was asked to wait. After I had finished off my meal and ready to go to sleep, someone was bringing my drink out and I then respectfully say no to it as it was bit late after the meal and asked for water instead and did not like the look on the face of the crew member. I saw it happening with other passengers as well and was under the impression, the whole crew performance was pretty poor and SIA was not up to its high-standards as I always like to fly with them. I will look for different option next time"
Punti positivi: "Staff are very friendly and good ."
Punti negativi: "The crew was rude when asking me to window shed."
Punti negativi: "The seats and entertainment system on our flight were in need of an upgrade. The seat padding was well worn and uncomfortable. The entertainment system is one of the old “pop-out the remote from the armrest” ones with a very average interface and display."
Punti negativi: "breakfast was terrible"
Punti positivi: "Lounge experience was excellent. Service on the airline in general was excellent. Food and drinks we're just great. I enjoyed the sleeper seat that I was in. Everything was super smooth and I'm so glad I flew with Singapore Airlines."
Punti negativi: "Nothing negative to report"
Punti positivi: "Overall treatment of boarding & crew staff was courteous, friendly & helpful. Movies selections were great but I was too tired to watch."
Punti negativi: "Food can be improved. Couldn't eat pork or shrimps, so wished they served either vegetarian or chicken noodles instead of pork or stuff with shrimps. Fish, chicken, beef, or vegetarian options are better options."
Punti positivi: "Upgraded to biz class, which was fantastic"
Punti positivi: "They whole process was just too tiring, especially when passengers were expected to lug around all their packed bags, instead of the airline catering to hold the luggage in the airport holding area"
Punti positivi: "Singapore service is always outstanding"
Punti negativi: "temp on plane was freezing and even two blankets did not suffice. Everyone was really cold."
Punti positivi: "Everything is excellent!"
Punti positivi: "No fuss flight but lacking that something extra"
Punti positivi: "nothing"
Punti negativi: "Singapore Airlines always boast themselves as first class service. That is just bs. At night when I was hungry, I asked the flight attendant for some snack, both a male and a female served at my cabin said, "we don't have that." I expected SQ staff to serve one step further, instead of stopping at a no. Can't you recommend something? Throughout the entire trip, whenever I asked something, the way they answered always made me feel that I was a trouble to them. Is it because I was in an economy class and that's how you treat me? SQ, you may want to change what you are proud of. It's no longer a first class service, at least not to us poor economy class passengers."
Punti positivi: "The service is amazing. The stewardess are always smilin and very helpful. If you'd like anything extra, just ask and they'll bring it right over. The entertainment onboard was top notch"
Punti negativi: "I would have wished for better back supported seats. 14hrs on a flight isn't quiet the best."
Punti positivi: "I love flying by singapore airlines! Firstly because its direct flight from home plus service on sq is always impeccable. Plus i can easily order a singapore sling and a campari spritz, which is so nice while watching a movie :)"
Punti negativi: "I didnt really like the food this time and entertainment on the way back was so sad! No new movies unlike on the way there :( dont really like being woken up for meals though, would be nice if they left a note to get a meal from them once ive gotten up. Coz i was trying to sleep so i dont get jetlagged back in sg. Which i did unfortunately :( not jetlag when i arrived in rome though :)"
Punti positivi: "Food & condition"
Punti negativi: "Crew were unfriendly and rude"
Punti positivi: "Did not enjoy the vegetarian menu -cold noodles not appealing. Alcoholic drinks very hard to obtain .. orders taken but not received. Service was friendly though"
Punti positivi: "Great staff. Aircrafts has more leg room. The food and entertainment was good as well."
Punti negativi: "The video screens need to be upgraded"
Punti negativi: "Same food options as previous flight Not as many movie options as the longer flight"
Punti positivi: "Great food and plenty of movies. Friendly crew"

The best, Qatar Airways is incompatible

Punti positivi: "everything"
Punti positivi: "The crew was amazing. Food was great. Clean bathrooms. Great entertainment."
Punti negativi: "We had our passports and boarding passes checked five times in the course of 2 minutes by five different people one after the next. My cabin luggage was searched right before boarding. I appreciate the need for security, but that was excessive and unnecessary. In the peak of the Corona virus craze, the security made all passengers take off shoes and walk without any protection. This is not Qatar Airways doing - New York JFK security B S, but I am sure airways companies have some say to change it."
Punti negativi: "No gate for departure or arrival. No business class longe in Cape Town."
Punti negativi: "The lounge is a bit far from the departure gate, so I waited with regular economy class travelers. It would have been nice to have had a closer dedicated area for business class."
Punti positivi: "Very pleasant and comfortable flight."
Punti negativi: "NA"
Punti negativi: "We’ve been waiting for almost an hour now for the bags to come out. This is insane"
Punti positivi: "Excellent service provided by crew"
Punti negativi: "Food needs improvement"
Punti positivi: "The crew was amazing and seat very comfortable."
Punti negativi: "If I did not have to spent night in Doha waiting for connecting flight."
Punti positivi: "The flight was on time"
Punti negativi: "When a very large man is placed next to someone else who is in a middle seat and cannot use the arm rests on either side, I would think the hostesses would make an effort to move one of the three considering there were multiple other open seats. He was also very old and could hardly stand up when needed. It was the most uncomfortable flight, if I had the money, I would definitely fly business class"
Punti positivi: "Great service, as always. Very comfortable flight."
Punti negativi: "In flight WiFi is too expensive and unreliable. Compares very poorly to some competitors (free - in business - and fast on Turkish Airlines)"
Punti positivi: "Amenities like, Tooth Paste, Brush and Headphones."
Punti negativi: "Liquor and Wines needs Varieties."
Punti positivi: "Crew as very helpful"
Punti negativi: "passenger seated next to are rude"
Punti positivi: "The crew was amazing!"
Punti negativi: "The internet service was not working!"
Punti positivi: "Great service with very friendly crew who pamper you all through the flight. Delicious food served at the time you like. Also, the Q Suite design is very comfortable, private & flexible."
Punti negativi: "Flight was delayed 18 minutes & disembarking was not direct but via bus."
Punti positivi: "Excellent-18 hour flight but Qatar really looks after you. Crew amazing and food is pretty good."
Punti positivi: "Flight attendant assigned to our area was very kind, welcomed us to the flight, and made us feel at home. Wish I had remembered her name."
Punti negativi: "The boarding process was a bit out of the ordinary. We were invited to board then stood on the jet bridge then invited to come further down the jet bridge then waited for what no one knows. It was all very bizarre."
Punti positivi: "Great crew. Met every request and did a very professional, yet personal job."
Punti negativi: "Overall meals were best I've had on flights. Did not care for last one but probably just a personal taste."
Punti positivi: "They greeted us in Georgian at the gate during boarding, this was very nice."
Punti negativi: "Entertainement could have been better, there was no in flight entertainement at all. The food alos remains to be improved."
Punti positivi: "Flight was fine"
Punti negativi: "Did not serve vegetarian food even after repeated requests"
Punti positivi: "The staff was very helpful went above and beyond to help. Everything was smooth from boarding to landing plus everything in between."
Punti positivi: "Own entertainment device"
Punti negativi: "No snacks"
Punti positivi: "Aircraft was brand new -- very clean and everything worked well. All flights were on time. Crew was excellent -- very courteous and helpful. Overall -- very good."
Punti positivi: "I had a slight problem with my visa to the country of my final destination but the check in counter crew and management were very polite, helpful and most of all empathetic. Problem was resolved and, All's well that ends wel."
Punti positivi: "In-flight crew was excellent."
Punti positivi: "Customer service and food."
Punti positivi: "Everything"
Punti negativi: "Non"
Punti negativi: "Food options- they start serving from front when they reach behind of plane food options exhausted. Pls ask ground catering to provide more non veg food The cabin temperature was close to freezing on the GOi-DOH international flight. No blankets provided when asked for blankets was told by the Indian air hostess on board the Qatar Airways flight that there is a shortage of blankets and they had to give children first Flight was at 3:50 am at this early tme pls provide blankets for all specially if it is freezing"
Punti positivi: "Food and flight attendants were excellent in Business Class"
Punti negativi: "Sitting near bathrooms was a bit noisy and difficult to sleep"
Punti positivi: "Service is courteous, both on the ground and air. Food & entertainment was top-notch as well. One of the economy rest-rooms were out of order and I was allowed to utilize the business class restroom by the flight attendant. Head bursar was very apologetic and sympathetic about the whole issue. Enjoyed my flight, again on Qatar!"
Punti negativi: "Lost baggage maybe in Rome airport Conbecting flight qatar to vueling was worst"
Punti positivi: "Faultless as per usual QA flights"
Punti positivi: "Qatar Airlines has amazing service! And they have free internet!"
Punti negativi: "The films are all sensored. And the free internet is only for 30 minutes."
Punti negativi: "The TSA agents broke my phone and tried to hide it in a secured package with another of my electronics. I questioned why 1/3 phones were in secured and the others were not. I was told to not open the bag until I reached my destination. Lucky I opened it after I cleared security to find that the face of the phone had been shattered with glass shards sticking out, I bought this to the crews' attention and was told to send an email to a random email for the airlines and that the incident would be investigated later. So basically I was given the brush off. Worst experience I have had while flying."
Punti positivi: "It was normal flight"
Punti negativi: "I have a layover for 12 hrs and Qatar Airways didn't offer me a hotel."
Punti positivi: "Exceptional staff, nothing too much trouble. The aircraft is new and all facitlies great. Will fly with Qatar again"
Punti positivi: "Quality food and hospitality"
Punti positivi: "Superiore rispetto alle Business europee. Incredibili le operazioni di chekin: - addetti Qatar Airways raccolgono le valigie direttamente dal taxi e le portano al check-in - immigration con coda separata e nell'attesa drink e cibo - lounge fra le migliori mai viste con self service e servizio al tavolo - comodissimi gli aerei ma qui siamo nella norma - attentissimo il servizio a bordo"
Punti negativi: "Nulla di negativo da segnalare"
Punti negativi: "Probably the best flight crew I ever had the pleasure of being with."
Punti positivi: "The airport has some inconvenient that thier waiting room there is no bathroom and water once you behind the security check no life access so people who has illes there is no life support like an water and bathroom i was thinking it is like usa. All the middle East airport has some inconvenient they built good airport but important is mixed and there should be protest international for travel convenient"
Punti negativi: "There is bathroom and water access in the airport"
Punti positivi: "Comfortable, attractive, nice music, good food, nice crew, on time, easy takeoff and landing! What else could you ask for? ;-)"
Punti positivi: "-Great selection of movies, Ted talks, and games to view on individual screens, headphones were provided. - Blankets and pillows were provided to everyone, along with a kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and eye mask. - Adjustable head rest. - Nice to have wifi, although only 15 minutes is free."
Punti negativi: "- Tiny, cramped seats and aisles. I'd heard the Quatar has more leg room than other airlines. This is definitely not true. If the person in front of me reclined all the way, they crushed my knees and I'm only 5'7". - Seat cushions are thin and hard. - baggage check in took a very long time; about 45-60"
Punti positivi: "Schermo non funzionante"
Punti negativi: "Poche informazioni sul ritardo"
Punti positivi: "Tutto, aereo , personale, imbarco, intrattenimento, cibo."
Punti negativi: "Le informazioni a Doha del ritardo volo sono comparse sul tabellone a meno di mezz'ora della prevista apertura gate. Comunque nessun problema, Aereoporto confortevole e dotato di wi-fi gratis per chi vola con Qatar."
Punti positivi: "Servizio del personale ottimo, prezzo buono. Ottimo cibo."
Punti negativi: "Aereo datato, poco spazio tra i sedili, intrattenimento multimediale nullo e per un volo così lungo oggigiorno uno se lo aspetta, tant'è che da Doha a Krabi tutt un'altra cosa. Eppure le ore di volo sono simili."
Punti positivi: "Excellent"
Punti negativi: "good"
Punti negativi: "It was canceled while am at the airport and i rebooked"
Punti positivi: "The guidence between flights I was the only person off my flight to transfer and they sill had a gal waiting to take me to the next gate"
Punti positivi: "Qatar is not glitzy. Better than that, it was straightforward and relaxed and comfortable. Crew was pleasant and helpful."
Punti positivi: "Crew was fantastic! Food was above average."
Punti negativi: "Qatar Airways needs to abandon its draconian policies and disconnected, overy segregated procedures. Also, an allegedly five-star airline needs to upgrade aircraft which would make FlyDubai blush. No entertainment guys? Really?"

Cibo nella norma è intrattenimento vdeo di bassa qualità

La miglior compagnia aerea

La miglior compagnia aerea Sempre una garanzia

Punti positivi: "comfort"
Punti negativi: "veg food was mostly repeated and pizza wasn't great"
Punti positivi: "Il personale estremamente attento e gentile. Non è facile lavorare con le maschere e occhiali per tutta la durata del volo. Trovo che hanno fatto di tutto per rendere il nostro viaggio sicuro dal puto di vista della battaglia contro il virus."
Punti negativi: "Da viaggiatore assiduo Emirates, posso dire che in passato il cibo era meglio e più "speciale". Capisco che in questi tempi pochi euro di risparmio sono un grande aiuto. Per migliorare in Emirates devono solo fare quello che facevano qualche anno fa. Comunque sono sempre tra i migliori."
Punti positivi: "Il personale molto gentile e professionale. Sono stata fortunata perché nella mia fila gli altri due posti erano liberi e quindi ho potuto dormire sdraiata per L a maggior parte del volo"
Punti negativi: "Mi è mancata la salvietta calda dopo l'imbarco e la bustina con il set per il volo notturno. Sarebbe stato molto utile."
Punti positivi: "Comfortable abd lovely"
Punti negativi: "Internet was not available in the next flight"
Punti negativi: "Niente"
Punti positivi: "Plane was large and comfortable."
Punti negativi: "Boarding was chaotic and confusing."
Punti positivi: "Nice service and excellent staff will recommend Emirates airline to everybody"
Punti negativi: "More help for missing the flight."
Punti positivi: "Crew was kind, attentive, funny, and engaging. The best."
Punti negativi: "A warning about landing in Dubai, and being put on a bus to the terminal"
Punti positivi: "I like overall, food , entertainment, cleanliness and the amazing crew."
Punti negativi: "I would fly again with emirates."
Punti positivi: "Great customer service, great and always smiling crew, wonderful flight"
Punti negativi: "the food options need to be more. an option with steamed rice should always be available"
Punti positivi: "Personale come al solito gentilissimo, cibo ottimo, buona scelta di vini"
Punti negativi: "Il comfort dei sedili in business class dovrebbe essere migliorato."
Punti positivi: "Servizio a bordo"
Punti negativi: "Comfort dei sedili"
Punti negativi: "Check the head phone sets have both speakers working. I had to ask for a different set which was fine"
Punti positivi: "The comfort, crew and entertainment."
Punti negativi: "The boarding."
Punti positivi: "Tutto perfetto: cordialità, cena, confort"
Punti negativi: "Istruzioni al personale di terra e della luonge"
Punti positivi: "Of the enormous amount of entertainment available, even I found something to keep me occupied."
Punti negativi: "Perhaps boarding."
Punti positivi: "Personale"
Punti negativi: "Poltrona business stretta"
Punti negativi: "Non hanno fatto kit dentifricio calse mascherina"
Punti positivi: "Friendly staff at boarding and on flight. Very attentive."
Punti negativi: "Food was not as nice as other airlines and my 11 yo daughter was only provided normal adult meal. For full service airline actually went thirsty - constant water should be a given."
Punti positivi: "Nothing special flight."
Punti negativi: "Old entertainment and less leg room."
Punti positivi: "The staff was quite helpful in many ways and checking in was easy with online booking. For an economy flight, the quality of the food was good."
Punti negativi: "I found it difficult to navigate the screen on the airline. Everything else was fine and I am happy with the airline."
Punti positivi: "Smooth boarding and take off on time"
Punti negativi: "Food could be better"
Punti positivi: "Splendido viaggio soprattutto grazie all’upgrade in business, offerto ad un prezzo non eccessivo. Unico neo, con l’upgrade non era consentito l’accesso alla lounge dell’aeroporto di Bali."
Punti positivi: "Great food and entertainment and the service was exceptional."
Punti negativi: "The food was appalling and crew service very ordinary much inferior to Qantas. The seats are also uncomfortable"
Punti positivi: "The departure & arrival time. A fantastic price that included an excellent meal there and back, 30k luggage quota, entertainment that lasted throughout the duration of the flight. It just seemed seamless and felt like it didn't take that long to get there. I will definitely be catching this flight, every time I return to NZ"
Punti positivi: "Footrest would make the flight just perfect."
Punti negativi: "No footrest. Makes it a little uncomfortable for short people."
Punti positivi: "Spaziosi sedili. Cortesia personale, procedure d'imbarco veloci"
Punti negativi: "Service crew"
Punti negativi: "40 minute bus ride after landing. Why are they landing airplanes so far away from the terminal? They own the whole terminal!"
Punti positivi: ",,"
Punti positivi: "I was upgraded to business class. Very nice"
Punti negativi: "Poor service, host lied when queried on arrival documentation to avoid doing anything. Second person we asked was helpful and answered immediately. Plane was two hours late with no explanation or communication. I did not expect such a poor level of service and it my worst experience with emerits."
Punti positivi: "Wasn't full so there was space to street a bit. Stewardesses were polite and attentive - checking throughout whether drinks were required (on other flights they've disappeared between food services). Good selection of films."
Punti negativi: "Although the good was actually alright in this flight, I don't like the fact that Emirates no longer do a vegetarian meal - I have to have a vegan meal instead, which often means things are just left off (not replaced) that I could actually eat, like cheese and biscuits, or a croissant."
Punti negativi: "Late boarding. Thought I was flying emirates and turned out to be Qantas. Seats not as comfy. They lost my luggage. Took 2 days to get it back."
Punti positivi: "Crew is very friendly, food is good, seating is proper, entertainment and ease of access are well provided."
Punti positivi: "Whether flying business class or economy Emirates really knows how to treat its passengers. Food was good and flight comfortable"
Punti positivi: "It would be useful if Emirates would allow us to reserve the adjoining seat of the 3 (on less than full flights) so that we can have the extra space."
Punti positivi: "Plane was almost full, had a spare seat in the middle. Meals were good. Staff were run off their feet but coped well."
Punti negativi: "The flight from Brisbane to Dubai then to Barcelona was excellent compared to the return flight from Dubai. Dubai to Brisbane flight, seats were very uncomfortable, seat cushions were hard. Toilets ran out of paper and hand towels, I had to Inform a staff member. Cabin had a peculiar odour."
Punti negativi: "personale mediocre"
Punti negativi: "scortesia e ressa all imbarco a malpensa - alcuni del personale a bordo arreggiamento poco prfessionale"
Punti positivi: "I liked most of the food service. Not breakfast."
Punti negativi: "Cramped seating on 1st flight. High business class fares."
Punti positivi: "Great legroom, quiet plane, seat free next to me"
Punti negativi: "Not much"
Punti positivi: "Free upgrade given as skywards gold"
Punti negativi: "ICE not as good as a380"
Punti positivi: "Evverything"
Punti negativi: "That the plane can't do 2,000 mph and have us there in 1/4 the time :-)"
Punti positivi: "It was on time."
Punti negativi: "The extra leg room seats I purchased where not as advertised. There was an entire row on front of the that was not pictured on the web diagram."
Punti positivi: "The whole service went smoothly without rushing."
Punti negativi: "The original flight I listed for was canceled without any notification until I arrived at the checkin desk."
Punti positivi: "The crew were busy but very attentive"
Punti negativi: "I could not plug in my headphones because of the proprietary plug on the airplane. I understand some airlines used to use proprietary plugs to keep people from taking their headphones that were offered complementary for the flight but I’d rather use my high end noise canceling headphones."
Punti positivi: "Vegetarian oriental meal was good. Movie selection was good."
Punti negativi: "Plane was delayed 1 hr. I was not notified on time to go make arrangements to go to the airport a little later."
Punti positivi: "Service was outstanding"
Punti negativi: "It’s not the airline fault that our flight was delayed so many times. A 8 hour trip took us 13 hours."
Punti negativi: "The food service could have been better . Quality is poor ! There was one lunch service, breakfast service and one snack service through 19.5 hours of nonstop flight. We were hungry through out as the quantities were so little and barely there . The toilets were bad and didn’t even carry tissues"
Punti positivi: "No"
Punti negativi: "Food and Crew"
Punti positivi: "Efficient, courteous and early arrival"
Punti negativi: "Need to have wifi on all their flights"
Punti positivi: "The flight crew were helpful and attentive. Directions were clear and the boarding was organized."
Punti negativi: "The seats! The seat was uncomfortable that I had to use my U shaped neck pillow as a seat cushion. My flight was 15+ hours but within 3 hours my behind was killing me."
Punti positivi: "Innovative seating arrangements in business. Service was good."
Punti negativi: "Comfort of seats and laying position are ok, a bit hard for 15 hours."
Punti positivi: "All gud"
Punti negativi: "Extra things like toothpaste etc must have been provided to all"
Punti negativi: "Ok perfect will do it again"
Punti negativi: "Poco. Servizio, puntualità e organizzazione perfetti. Forse l'offerta musicale e di film potrebbe essere migliore e una maggiore presenza del personale durante la notte sarebbe apprezzabile."
Punti negativi: "Did not inform us of a flight delay until way after the flight time had past. Waited an extra to take off."
Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "The baggage of all first class passengers was delayed beyond the time of the later flight .. ridiculous .. also flight delayed as is usual tor all flights in and out of Bangkok. The food on the flight is not appealing .. the front of the seat fell down onto the legs.."
Punti positivi: "Online check in selected a pair of seats at 73D & 73E on flight CX 759 on 16 Nov 2018. It turned out to be in a triple seat."
Punti negativi: "inaccurate seat map"
Punti positivi: "The staff being very attentive & prompt , great service"
Punti negativi: "Seats not comfortable for a long haul flights"
Punti positivi: "Flight was great."
Punti negativi: "It’s nice to lay down, but it’s not completely comfortable. Difficult to get a restful sleep this time."
Punti positivi: "Smooth easy ride and great business class lounges."
Punti negativi: "They need to cater for more Europeans in their food offerings. They also need to carry enough to ensure they do not run out. Bathroom locks require maintenance."
Punti positivi: "Excellent meals, excellent entertainment system, great staff"
Punti positivi: "The upgraded seat to business class."
Punti negativi: "Some staff still needs training, sinplying saying no, is not acceptable, finding a solution and working towards a resuloution is more acceptable. Better verbiage used, checking on food count making sure EVERYONE gets what’s printed on the menu. Asking everyone equally on the same roll is the rule of thumb."
Punti negativi: "Landed in JFK instead of JFK because of flight delay to hongkong"
Punti positivi: "Crew was nice food was great"
Punti negativi: "All good"
Punti positivi: "The service"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "The crew was polite, caring and friendly towards passengers. I had a pleasant time during the long flight. The food options were good."
Punti negativi: "Cup noodles were not really a good snack idea given the fact that we were sitting in a closed environment. The smell was too much for such a long flight..."
Punti negativi: "It was a long flight, and customer service not good."
Punti negativi: "Flight to Hongkong arrived late in Hongkong hence had to stay extra 31/2 hours in Honking to wait for the next flight to New York!"
Punti positivi: "Great crew and spacey seating."
Punti positivi: "The flight attendants were professional and attentive."
Punti positivi: "I did get an upgrade and saw a pleasant movie"
Punti negativi: "There were no immigration forms on board. When I asked for one, the hostess said there had been an announcent Mayybe there was one in mandarin but certainly not in english. A senior hostess cam later to apologize zaying the reason was that there were new forns since 1 Dec when leaving the plane, everyone was given old forms! All very unptofessional..."
Punti positivi: "Crew was very nice. On time."
Punti negativi: "No inflight movie available. Long flight. I am a 6 foot American and the seats are just not comfortable if the person in front leans seat back. 15 inched from your face for a 12 hour flight is not fun."
Punti positivi: "Service is good."
Punti negativi: "Wash rooms are limited"
Punti positivi: "that is great flight. I'm very with fight"
Punti negativi: "tiket issuing time some has mistake than we want to change very big problem, that take a hour and hour."
Punti positivi: "Cathay's new plane's are great. Comfortable, lean back quite a bit, and have good entertainment."
Punti negativi: "I wish they had a closer spot to immigration at Haneda. It's always a 10 minute walk."
Punti positivi: "None"
Punti positivi: "hospitality is very good.comfortable journey."
Punti positivi: "Great service"
Punti negativi: "Simply excellent service"
Punti positivi: "The hard product of seats and plane was really nice. Flying the new A359, very comfortable. Lower cabin pressure felt really nice on the skin. Lie flat beds were a treat, and a massive entertainment system."
Punti negativi: "The food was average. Had some chicken on pasta on the way over, chicken was dry and without sauce. My wife fainted on the flight and the flight attendant wasn't the most reassuring. Also her foot rest broke and they blamed her weight which was mean."
Punti positivi: "We were really taken care of and had a great experience. From the cleanliness of the plane, to the kind staff and generous in flight services/accommodations, we were very pleased. We look forward to flying Cathay Pacific again!"
Punti positivi: "The entertainment offering is excellent and the flight schedule into Sapporo is ideal."
Punti negativi: "Staff are not as friendly and knowledgable as other airlines I have flown in Asia. Staff need to take control of the plane and have people prepare for take off a lot quicker than they do. I only experience this with Cathay and not other Asian airlines."
Punti positivi: "Our connecting flight was running late due to weather and Cathay pacific airlines were waiting for us at security to take us to the airplane that was waiting ! Wow ! Amazing service!!! So grateful for their amazing kindness !!!"
Punti positivi: "The service was outstanding, the food actually tasted good, and not "good for airline food," just good. The seats were comfortable; lots of entertainment options and boarding was run super efficiently. I'd fly this airline anytime."
Punti positivi: "Service, Food, and every aspect of the flight was the best I've experienced in a long time."
Punti negativi: "I have nothing negative to say at all."
Punti positivi: "I expected Cathay to be great since it was ranked as the #4 best airlines in the world."
Punti negativi: "However, I didn't find anything better than mediocre airlines. The attendant was kinda cold, service was rough, and toilets get dirty quickly."
Punti positivi: "-Staff were incredibly attentive and gracious at every step. Could not ask for more from them. The flight attendants were also really conscientious but also discrete about making sure that things were comfortable to passengers, for example making sure that windows were closed most of the time and lights were down so that people could sleep in between meals, and moving someone that was sick to a more comfortable and private seat, both for the sake of the sick individual and for the comfort of the people that had initially been sitting around them. -The complementary movie options were great and really helped pass the time on the 24+hr flight from NYC to Western Australia. -1 free large checked bag, which was very nice. -I think the complementary food and snacks were really yummy and generous, for airline food. I very much enjoyed the meals and snacks. Also, the complementary wine was a nice treat and tasted surprisingly good. -The complementary pillows and blankets were nice, warm, and soft. -The flights were on time, much better than American airlines that I've flown on. -The bathrooms were cleaned regularly throughout the flight and were much cleaner and nicer smelling than other airlines that I've been on."
Punti negativi: "The only thing thing that could really be improved upon (which is not as much the airline's fault as the plane manufacturer's fault) is that the economy seats and cabin layout could be more comfortable for long flights. I understand how hard it must be to design a plane that fits that many people and that's comfortable for 24+hrs of flying, but a few improvements could relatively easily be made I think, which would improve the experience dramatically: -If the seats were softer (and perhaps more ergonomically designed with an average person's shape in mind) it would make a world of difference, I think. -Being able to put the arm up on the wall side of the window seat would make it much more comfortable. -Padding on the arms would also help. -Of course more leg space and wider seats would make a world of difference, but I know that is tough to do since space is limited."
Punti positivi: "Good food and comfortable seats . Checked in carry on for free- plus for me and my family !"
Punti positivi: "good service and good food all total was very good"
Punti negativi: "Next time i will travel with your flight"
Punti positivi: "Crew is always very attentive and helpful."
Punti negativi: "Need to have more movie and tv show choices. The food could also be a bit better."
Punti negativi: "Boarding wasn’t differentiated. Flight departure was delayed but they made up time en route."
Punti positivi: "Boarding was very efficient and on time - flight was exceptionally smooth and arrival in Brisbane was 45 minutes early - keep up yjr good schedule"
Punti negativi: "Not much to mention at this point - all good"
Punti positivi: "Qantas staff unfailingly helpful and courteous."
Punti negativi: "A more suitable lunch that could be eaten more easily , the quiche in a fidley box and nothing to w eat it on was trying."
Punti positivi: "They gave us food vouchers and snacks for our delayed flight. The choice of movies available was great. the flight attendants were nice."
Punti negativi: "Our international flight was delayed by over 2 hours. When we called to rebook our connection flight from Brisbane to Cairns, the agent on the phone told us they were unable to help us. The online website also did not allow us to rebook. When we got to Brisbane, the only flight remaining for us was a flight 2hours later with connection. Also, the phone jack was so poor that half of the time you couldn’t hear the movie."
Punti positivi: "Helpful staff, well informed"
Punti negativi: "My family of 4 were not seated together even though all four tickets were purchased together in the same booking. After booking through KAYAK for flights, the on-line check-in process was a nightmare with the KAYAK booking number not matching the information required by QANTAS. As my children were all spread over the plane, and two son's look very similar, a hostess almost did not serve one of my son's a meal as she believed my son had already received a meal further forward in the plane. Thankfully, upon checking, the hostess realised that it was a case of mistaken identity."
Punti positivi: "Landing"
Punti negativi: "There was no entertainment on board. There was provision for iPads in the backs of the seat, but none provided. There were drop down TVs but the audio was not working. Had I known in advance that this would be the case, I would have been able to prepare my own device and headphones."
Punti positivi: "Complimentary Inflight drink and the effort from crew to accommodate English second language passengers in my row."
Punti negativi: "I could not eat the food"
Punti positivi: "Entertainment for the kids Healthy food The crew were great and interactive"
Punti negativi: "Too much pressure for the ears"
Punti negativi: "Qantas mucked up my seating and then tried to tell me maybe it was just my use of the booking system."
Punti positivi: "Everything was great - arrived early. Excellent service."
Punti positivi: "good"
Punti positivi: "Overall good flight and staff nice and friendly"
Punti negativi: "Nothing comes,to mind"
Punti negativi: "An hour late"
Punti positivi: "Great entertainment and new release movies. Food was great"
Punti negativi: "The man in front kept jamming his chair into my knees just so he could get back as far as he could, despite the only thing stopping this was my actual legs, when I tried to explain that he got a little abusive. Iv got got some light bruising on my right knee. Food was better then expected and am happy to fly Qantas again"
Punti positivi: "Staff were friendly, boarding was efficient, and in-flight service was unobtrusive."
Punti negativi: "To be honest, I really wish Qantas would include Bejewelled in their games offerings."
Punti positivi: "The flight was on time. Crew was pleasant."
Punti negativi: "The food was terrible."
Punti negativi: "Food, I cannot get an option to have a Cheese platter. The food has been prepared too far in advance and is tasteless and full or preservatives."
Punti negativi: "The dinner meal was dried and pretty disappointing as was the media selection in coach vlass"
Punti positivi: "Thank you Qantas I enjoyed the flight, the service was excellent. Cabin crews were friendly. Overall excellent."
Punti negativi: "There is nothing that I dislike."
Punti positivi: "The crew was great and attentive."
Punti negativi: "I'm not sure why we needed to bus to the plane at LAX but it caused and over 1 hour delay for take off."
Punti positivi: "Business class seats are private and allow for lay flat sleeping"
Punti positivi: "Seriously, in all my years of flying this was the best experience I've ever had - and that includes comparing my Economy ticket at Qantas to previous First Class flights with Delta and US Air. Very coordinated, very well setup and prepared. The stewards were wonderful. Food and service outstanding through the entire 13hr flight."
Punti negativi: "My seat screen did not work, but I was ok with that as I had a charged iPad with me."
Punti negativi: "Would have prefered to fly Emirates."
Punti negativi: "They do not offer any options to passengers who have allergies i.e Onion and Garlic"
Punti positivi: "Comfort puntualità imbarco sbarco decollo atterraggio"
Punti negativi: "-"
Punti positivi: "Helpful service and comfortable seats"
Punti positivi: "Staff were very friendly and helpful."
Punti negativi: "First of all, they gave my boyfriend and me separate seats when I checked in online. I called and they said I had to sort it out when we arrived at the airport and they'd leave a note for staff. But when we got to the airport we were told they couldn't do anything because they can't move assigned seats even if the person hadn't checked in yet. Thankfully they managed to find us new seats at the gate. The gate was a bit ridiculous. It was at the far end of the airport and we had to take a decent bus ride to get to the plane. Once we all piled out of the buses, they still were t ready to board so we all had to wait in a line. The plane ended up leaving about an hour and a half late due to the location of the gate and the slow boarding process. Also, we checked in online but there was no expedient bag drop line for people already checked in, so we had to wait in a very long line to drop off our bags."
Punti positivi: "Very little. Even though I'm sure I wasn't suppose to, my seat allowed me to put my feet up on the wall. At least I was able to elevate them a bit."
Punti negativi: "First, the flight was delayed an hour and a half. No gate was announced until just before boarding. Afraid of missing my flight, I didn't doze even though I had been awake for 20 hours at this point. Once I got on the plane, the seats were so small in economy my hips were pressed against the arm rests and I am not a large person. The man next to me was pressing through over to my side. We both had difficulty opening the tray for meals because they were in the arm rests (not that it mattered, we were never served good). The controls for the entertainment and lights were in the arm rests as well and there was no way to see them because your thighs were pressed against them. The screen for my entertainment was crooked and flickered. The charging port did not work for my cell phone. The earphone jack had to be wiggled and wiggled and then I had to hold my leg perfectly still not to bump it. I eventually gave up trying to use the entertainment screen. I preordered my meal online, but waiting for dinner, already exhausted, I dozed off. I didn't get dinner and no one came around the rest of the trip and offered any refreshments. No water, no snack, nothing. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I saw a crew member for the rest of the flight."
Punti positivi: "Comfortable plane. Good entertainment. Very nice chicken salad. Friendly staff."
Punti negativi: "The soggy pies were a bit, well, soggy ... The changeover at Dubai seemed unnecessary. Having to go through security tho get from airside to airside was a bit daft. The crew gave little information on how that changeover was going to happen, and when they did it was just before landing."
Punti positivi: "Good service"
Punti negativi: "None"
Punti negativi: "I hadn't had time to organize Australian currency before flying from Beijing. The flight from Sydney to Brisbane did not take credi card."
Punti positivi: "I had an exit row seat so being tall this was very much appreciated"
Punti negativi: "no problems"
Punti positivi: "Snack and Qantas Entertainment app"
Punti negativi: "Nil"
Punti positivi: "The no fuss but highly professional approach of the cabin crew. The level of comfort in the cabin, with a business class upgrade."
Punti negativi: "I dont like having to track the distance through the outside lounge in both directions to get to the Business Lounge. The Business Lounge is frequently busy and noisy. Very hard to conduct a phone conversation from."
Punti negativi: "Flight delayed for 8 hours. Flight was to leave at 6.20am but left at 2.30pm. My whole day wasted. Very trying and begin in the airport at 4.00am for reporting and this happens.."
Punti positivi: "Qantas Launge"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "I didn't ask for any upgrades, but the ground crew were attentive enough to offer me a direct flight back which was 30 minutes earlier. Everything was perfect. Food, seats, entertainment. Can't complain about anything."
Punti negativi: "Not much of a biggie, but one of the middle aged lady flight attendant was a little rude. Perhaps had a bad passenger before serving me."
Punti positivi: "Staff friendly. Dinner served on flight. Unexpected but welcomed and delicious. Arrived on time. Thank you Qantas (((:"
Punti positivi: "The Singapore Qantas lounge is well set up, despite one or two small issues. Boarding was easy after the usual Singapore gate lounge procedures. On board the crew (led by Brigita) could not have been better. I LOVE the 1 -2 - 1 business configuration. Meals and refreshments on board were just great and I enjoyed that the crew didn't disturb me (Emirates are particularly rude in this regard) when it was clear I was sleeping until descent."
Punti negativi: "Qantas, being an Australian airline, I am clueless as to why, in the airline lounge: Australian Sauvignon Blancs are not available (NZ phewee!) Bundaberg Rum (Ozzie icon) is not available. For a major hub, it is also not clear why a separate business lounge doesn't operate."
Punti negativi: "Boarding was terrible. No announcement when it was late."
Punti negativi: "Small plane and short flight so given a small snack but no entertainment."
Punti positivi: "Lacks a bar and for that reason is a touch behind Virgin Australia internationally. Great seats though"
Punti positivi: "Direct flight to Brisbane. Cheerful crew doing their best with what they had to deal with."
Punti negativi: "Late departure. Remote boarding gate to bus. Even more remote field from which plane departed. Overcrowded flight. Poor quality food. Access to Qantas Club denied (only for first class passengers)"
Punti positivi: "Like the staff -so down to earth Australian -no airs and graces like some other airlines. No fuss service. Always very helpful.You actually get food and drinks gratis on Qantas! The craft are always clean and well maintained. Easy to check in on line too. Offered in flight entertainment but didn't require it."
Punti negativi: "We boarded a bit late -so there was a bit of waiting around without being advised of what was happening. But we figured when we saw a man in a wheel-chair being helped on before everyone else that -that was the issue. So happy to wait."
Punti positivi: "I booked by flight last minute due to a family emergency overseas. As such, I arrived to the airport a little later than I should have, the passengers had boarded the flight. The ground crew couldn't have been nicer in expediting my boarding and getting me on the flight. I can't thank them enough. Top service. Thank you. The flight still arrived 25 min early after great snack and smooth flight."
Punti positivi: "Arriving back in Australia"
Punti negativi: "Being 2 hours late because there was a passenger on board sick they should never of been allowed to board the plane. This was very badly managed by the staff on the ground staff. Very poor leg room the rude passenger in the seats in front of us reclined right from take off to landing wa very hard to get out of our seat to stretch or go to the bathroom"
Punti positivi: "the staff were exceptional. I was in a bright area trying to sleep. I had my beanie pulled over my eyes. the staff asked if they could suspend a blanket above my head between the two seats to shield the light."
Punti negativi: "nothing, they were wonderful, on both flights."
Punti positivi: "Crew were really good"
Punti negativi: "Using an old plane for a cross country flight was ridiculous"
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22h 55mFCO-BNE
913 €
1 scaloQantas Airways
22h 55mFCO-BNE
917 €

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1h 25mSYD-BNE
1h 35mBNE-SYD
56 €
1h 25mSYD-BNE
1h 30mBNE-SYD
71 €
1h 30mSYD-BNE
1h 35mBNE-SYD
73 €
1h 25mSYD-BNE
1h 35mBNE-SYD
75 €
2h 05mMEL-BNE
2h 30mBNE-MEL
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Voli per Brisbane


Brisbane (BNE)Australia

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Brisbane - Italia


2.913 €
2.342 €
776 €

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1.594 €
861 €
755 €
1.240 €
1.839 €
697 €
1.872 €
1.279 €
2.079 €
942 €

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697 €