Trova voli economici da Roma per Sitia


Trova voli economici da Roma per Sitia

Cerca centinaia di siti di viaggio contemporaneamente per offerte su voli per Sitia. Combina il tuo volo con un hotel e risparmia!

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  • Cerchi voli economici? Considera che il 25% dei nostri utenti ha trovato dei voli sola andata per questa rotta a 207 € o meno.

Domande frequenti sulla prenotazione dei voli da Roma per Sitia

Come riesce KAYAK a trovare prezzi così bassi sui voli da Roma per Sitia?

In che modo lo strumento di Previsione dei prezzi di volo KAYAK mi aiuta a scegliere il momento giusto per acquistare il mio biglietto aereo da Roma per Sitia?

Che cos'è l'opzione Mix & Match per i voli da Roma per Sitia?

Che cos'è la funzionalità "date flessibili" di KAYAK e perché potrebbe essermi utile quando cerco un volo da Roma per Sitia?

Principale compagnia aerea con voli da Roma a Sitia

Valutazioni in base alle recensioni dei clienti KAYAK

Aegean Airlines
Valutazione complessiva sulla base di 2.998 recensioni
Recensioni compagnia aerea

Punti positivi: "Fantastic"
Punti negativi: "Very light and friendly crew"

Punti positivi: "Food and drinks!"
Punti negativi: "Nothing, it was great"

Punti positivi: "Crew is really friendly. We ran into one of them afterwards when our metro from the airport broke down and she helped us understand what was going on (we didn't speak the local language)."
Punti negativi: "Boarding was slow, but it's a cultural thing at the departure airport."

Punti positivi: "The crew was good"

Punti positivi: "Boarding process. Insane lines to check bag. Disorganized process. No one, including crew, had any idea what was going on. A real embarrassment."
Punti negativi: "See above."

Punti negativi: "Plane was WAY too small. Crammed in! For check in, no one knew which line to stand in. Plus! I didn’t know i had to play for baggage. Was no issue to do so. But, they couldn’t take payment at the check in desk. I had to go to another desk quite a ways down the terminal. Awful!"

Punti positivi: "That i got home - finally..."
Punti negativi: "Almost everything."

Punti negativi: "The plane was delayed but having a hot meal was A nice surprise."

Punti positivi: "The flight was delayed from Geneva to Athens. The airport was chaotic in Athens and I therefore missed my connection to Riyadh. Neither Aegean nor the airport staff were helpful or tried to accommodate or reimburse me"
Punti negativi: "More time for connecting flight. A better staffed airport, and more sympathetic staff."

Punti negativi: "Boarding could have been handled a bit better. We were told our suitcases could not be carried on as they were too big, but we saw other passengers with luggage just as big but they got to carry it on. They didn't charge us for checking the bag which made the issue less irritating."

Punti positivi: "Seats weren’t as small as other airlines."
Punti negativi: "1 hour wait to check bags because of a flight delay I didn’t know about until I got into the airport and connected to WiFi."

Punti positivi: "The flight wasnt completely full so we were able to spread out a little bit and be more comfortable"
Punti negativi: "The entertainment"

Punti positivi: "Everyone was super nice, just a bad system."
Punti negativi: "My ticket included a bag, but they charged me for it again at the airport. I sent in supporting docs to the feed back section on the website requesting a refund for the extra I have paid"

Punti positivi: "I read about Rhodes island from the inflight magazine and it was interesting. The check in staff was friendly and gave me some tips on booking too."
Punti negativi: "Smooth check in and people were orderly. Pleasant experience."

Punti positivi: "Assistenti competenti"
Punti negativi: "Avrei dovuto specificare che sono vegetariano"

Punti positivi: "I purchased the go lite fare because I wanted to reserve the exit row and this was the least expensive option. Good food and nice crew"
Punti negativi: "Entertainment was music only no movies to download. Would have given more stars to Aegean"

Punti negativi: "Wait time in line to get on plane"

Punti positivi: "The staff were nice."
Punti negativi: "Food. Queued too long before we could board."

Punti positivi: "Great service. Friendly staff"
Punti negativi: "Everything was great"

Punti negativi: "The plane has an hour delay in Rome due to rain. Although the delay is understandable, they seem to have left my luggage outside in the rain for all that time. As a result, all my clothes were wet and ruined and a few other items broke. Horrible baggage handling."

Punti negativi: "The agent at check in refused to even consider a business class upgrade, said I had to do that 48 hours in advance. Seems like a stupid policy to me, unless she was just flat out lying to me."

Punti positivi: "The boarding crew was NOT so gentle when he seen my Passport nationality. The flight left on time"
Punti negativi: "The food was as expected. The seats were very good and comfortable."

Punti positivi: "Accommodating crew; food (imagine... food served on a flight!!)."
Punti negativi: "We were about 15 minutes but..."

Punti positivi: "Nice crew"
Punti negativi: "No tv"

Punti positivi: "For a short flight we had a good lunch and good customer service. Seats were comfortable with reasonable legroom."

Punti positivi: "Food and drinks provided."
Punti negativi: "Small seats. Slow service at baggage drop off."

Punti positivi: "Nice aircraft , excellent crew"

Punti positivi: "We were given a meal"
Punti negativi: "The meal wasn't very good"

Punti positivi: "That they use Greek products is really makes the experience for me. Friendly staff."

Punti positivi: "Aegean delivered excellent service during my flight to Amsterdam from Athens! They actually served a complimentary meal and wine during my 3.5 hour flight. The flight attendants were so nice."
Punti negativi: "I loved the service during the flight and I can't wait to fly Aegean again!"

Punti positivi: "Me unberan dado un puesto cerca a la entrada...o en uno de los asientos de emergencia. ..yo era una emergencia en ese momento....!!!!!"
Punti negativi: "Llamé pidiendo un sitio especial, porque viajado con muletas, a causa de una fractura al tobillo, neceditaba solevar mi pierna ,me aseguraron de brindarme un sitio especial en estos casos. Me asignaron el Seat 12 F...lejos de la entrada..sin poder alzar mi pierna ni de 20 cm..y me hicieron esperar que todos salieran del avión. . Llevé 3 horas sin alzar mi pierna, lo cual me daba mucho fastidio ....."

Punti negativi: "delay in disembarking as well as baggage collection"

Punti negativi: "Bag fee that I wasn't otherwise notified!"

Punti positivi: "N8ce airline attendants and they even served lunch!"
Punti negativi: "All was fine"

Punti negativi: "They overbooked the flight so we were delayed an hour . The flight was very bumpy an I couldn't hear any of the announcements. The flight attendants didn't seem to know what they were doing at all."

Punti positivi: "Very friendly flight attendants, good food and pleasant all around'"
Punti negativi: "Seats pitch is a bit tight, but absolutely tolerable. I'm 6' 190lbs and was comfortable. Seat 3F on an A321."

Punti positivi: "The service in overall was good. Since this is consider to be a low cost fare, my expectation were not high."
Punti negativi: "My Luggage did not arrive. Since I have been in a motorcycle tour, I had expensive and valuable accessories and I also bought new things. For almost 48 hours, I have been very worried that I will need to go through an expensive law suite. The whole issue was cause because of overbooking. I was asked to be on a waiting list with my luggage. When I was boarding I specifically asked the local crew whether my luggage is on board as well and I was answered definitely "YES"."

Punti positivi: "Gets you from point A to point B. Wasn't expecting the food service was pleasantly surprised by it for a 2 hour flight, you don't get that in the states. Crew was cheerful and generally nice. Captain and pilots communicated well. Smooth flight and gentle landing. Overall better experience than flying domestically in the states in my humble opinion."
Punti negativi: "Boarding wasn't organized, except for business class. They don't use zone system like is done by US airlines to board in an organized manner."

Punti positivi: "Flight attendants were really nice and friendly"

Punti positivi: "Good for the price seat are not the best but worth it for the money"

Punti positivi: "It was on time, the food was excellent, comfortable"
Punti negativi: "It was cleaned, good food, duty free shop and the service"

Punti positivi: "excellent service, prompt take off and disembarkation, also i had three seats to myself three seats to myself. i am changing my life for the better idk what i did to deserve this idk what karma i gave out or will recieve to balance out but i was given this experience for a reason you don't appreciate how amazing it is until you have it, stretched out in front of you."
Punti negativi: "nothing it was perfect"

Punti negativi: "The horrible food"

Punti positivi: "first they announced 10 min delay, then they could not find the crew, after they appeared delay was extended to 45 min we left about 50 min late. gained some time in flight and arrived 35 min late. first batch of luggage came out relatively early and then there was a break of over 20 min before the luggage started to come out again, just as if somebody decided to have a coffee break."

Punti negativi: "Waiting more than 3 hours in Athens"

Punti negativi: "I am very disappointed in the way my ticket was checked when I was heading to Bucharest from Athens. I had everything ready my boarding pass my passport and my visa. Then the woman who was checking the tickets before we entered looked 2 seconds on my passport and said we have a problem we need to call the immigration. She started calling people and called her coworker, she didn't tell me what was going on! She didn't explain what was the problem, I asked her a couple of times what is the problem she just said we need to call the immigration. I asked her one final time tell me the problem! Then she finally told me, but it turned out obviously she didnt read my visa correctly, there was nothing wrong with my visa or my ticket, the problem was she misread my visa! Then she said oh I didn't see that sorry. This took approximately 10 minutes. Ok she apologized but it didn't sound sensere or honest. I felt embarrassed and humiliated, specially when she kept saying we need to call the immigration like I am some kind of a criminal. I was NOt treated the way customers should be treated. She did not have to be rude in the first place, and she should have apologized in a decent manner wihout any attitude. It would be great if you tell your employees to treat everyone with the same respect, and that they shouldn't descrinate against any nationality. Just because I am from the middle east doesn't mean I should have a problem with my visa! And just because I am 22 doesn't mean I don't deserve a decent apology! Thank you for having the time to read my complaint."

Punti negativi: "No drink at the flight"

Punti negativi: "Need free wifi"

Punti positivi: "Flight, crew, service were great, only a slight delay before boarding, without any explanations given"
Punti negativi: "Luggage charge was a big surprise, 40 euros each bag"

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Misure di sicurezza per le compagnie aeree che partono da Roma e arrivano per Sitia

Le compagnie aeree che partono da Roma e arrivano per Sitia hanno messo in atto misure di sicurezza aggiuntive e adeguato le loro politiche per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei viaggiatori. Le politiche variano in base alla compagnia aerea.

Sanificazione potenziata

Pulizia quotidiana, installazione di filtri HEPA a bordo dei voli da Roma per Sitia

Mascherine obbligatorie

Mascherine obbligatorie a bordo, mascherine fornite sui voli da Roma per Sitia

Organizzazione dei posti in base al distanziamento sociale

Posto centrale non disponibile per la prenotazione dei voli da Roma per Sitia

Test pre-volo

Test per anticorpi, test per sintomi per i voli da Roma per Sitia

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