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You need to improve your food quality

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You need to improve your food quality

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Punti negativi: "everything...terrible airline"
Punti positivi: "sedile comodo"
Punti positivi: "La possibilità di scegliere il posto a sedere, la gentilezza e un pochino di wifi gratis"
Punti negativi: "The transfer from international flights to domestic is difficult. I came to Guangzhou with a joint flight of Turkish airlines and China southern but there was no one at the airport when we landed to inform us how to transfer our luggage to the domestic flights and how to check in. Considering I don’t know Chinese, this was tough."
Punti positivi: "Dc to Turkey flight. Great ++ Turkey to Delhi. Ok —"
Punti negativi: "Flight from Istanbul to Delhi was nightmare. It was like a local flight. Nothing called as comfort was there. I had to pay my own $ for alcohol and some snacks and 1 extra burger."
Punti negativi: "Fewer fat peasants with too much hand luggage. Seriously, control the hand luggage before people bring it aboard."
Punti negativi: "I have to wait 5 hours for a connection flight. I was not happy with. Other then that I had a great experience with Turkish Air lines"
Punti positivi: "it is a nice program it's wonderful for flying out good price on for totally is excellent website"
Punti positivi: "Everything. They were polite fast and never condescending to passengers."
Punti negativi: "I could of wish they would have been a little more stern with some passengers."
Punti negativi: "No delays would be good"
Punti positivi: "Everything was fantastic"
Punti negativi: "Prices please low and cheaper"
Punti positivi: "Nothing"
Punti negativi: "I didn't fly, they opened counters late"
Punti positivi: "Personale eccellente."
Punti negativi: "La lingua Italiana non si trova da nessuna parte, grosso handicap."
Punti positivi: "Il personale eccellente."
Punti negativi: "La lingua Italiana non si trova da nessuna parte, grosso handicap."
Punti positivi: "Personale eccellente."
Punti negativi: "La lingua Italiana non si trova da nessuna parte, grosso handicap"
Punti negativi: "No entertainment"
Punti positivi: "Good food and service."
Punti negativi: "I am not tall but still had no legroom. Plane configured with too many rows."
Punti negativi: "The flight I booked out was later than my return. It was 8:30 at night not in the morning and the site did not flag it for me. So I showed up at the airport and had to buy another ticket at the very last minute. Never used the one I bought through kayak.luckily Turkish air made it happen or I would have missed my meeting."
Punti negativi: "When my first flight was late, Turkish air took 5 hours to rebook me. Two people forgot that they were helping me and when I asked why it was taking so long, they had to start over. One woman didn't even look at me, she was just on her phone playing a game. Every step of the process they asked me how I could have missed the landed 20 min before the next one took off!!!"
Punti positivi: "Excellent service"
Punti positivi: "It was good the service onsite the plane"
Punti negativi: "It was delayed both ways coming in from Boston and jo apologizing or telling us what was the reason."
Punti positivi: "Food, service and free movies and amenities was like old times."
Punti negativi: "In both 10 hour trips to and from US to Turkey my seats were broken and didn’t recline, which made for an uncomfortable trip."
Punti positivi: "Flight cancelled on whim of pilot due to a single faulty toilet."
Punti negativi: "Everything."
Punti positivi: "I enjoyed the flight!"
Punti negativi: "Not applicable"
Punti positivi: "The crew is always very friendly and helpful. Plenty of space in the overhead bins."
Punti negativi: "The seats are cramped just like any airline."
Punti positivi: "The food was decent and they seem to want to please."
Punti negativi: "I always try to avoid the airline because they keep the cabins so uncomfortably hot. No matter how many clothes you take off or complain it is like a Turkish bath. It is torture."
Punti negativi: "Valigia non consegnata a causa del ritardo del volo precedente; la compagnia aerea non ha fornito spiegazioni sull'accaduto, ne tantomeno provveduto ad offrire assistenza, amenity kit o rimborsi per il ritardo sulla consegna del bagaglio, avvenuta ben oltre le 24 ore."
Punti negativi: "Ritardo di oltre 45 minuti, perdita della coincidenza, riprogrammazione del volo lenta e difficoltosa, nessuna assistenza fornita."
Punti positivi: "Excellent"
Punti negativi: "Tightly set seating was very uncomfortable."
Punti negativi: "As well as being bumped to a flight seven hours later because of a late first leg, encouraged to switch to trade with a heavy guy for a middle seat. 9 hours to NY is a long time to lose the who-gets-an-armrest game on both sides."
Punti negativi: "the most stupid customer service representatives I've seen in both call center and point of sale"
Punti positivi: "Easy and quick"
Punti negativi: "Nothing"
Punti positivi: "Good"
Punti negativi: "Lounge at Ankara not comfortable and food need to change"
Punti negativi: "La totale mancanza di assistenza da parte del personale di bordo e di terra per la risoluzione di disagi peraltro causati dalla stessa compagnia; il tono scocciato con cui rispondevano alle domande/richieste di chiarimenti/richieste di assistenza. Voli costantemente in ritardo che hanno causato, perciò, la eredità di coincidenze aeree con conseguente blocco a terra per un giorno. Bagaglio non arrivato contestualmente con il volo sul quale si è viaggiato. Impossibilità di ottenere un upgrade in classe business nonostante la richiesta di pagare - com'è ovvio - la differenza. La motivazione per questo diniego non solo non è stata fornita ma soprattutto c'è stato un continuo scarico di responsabilità da uno all'altro... Pessima esperienza"
Punti negativi: "The space between the seats were narow"
Punti positivi: "Great entertainment, crew, food, and organization. This was my first flight on Turkish Airlines and I would definitely fly this airline again."
Punti negativi: "Clearing security was a nightmare. So many layers and lines to stay in, and the area wasn't air conditioned. Unfortunately, a handful of the passengers got "ripe" before the 10 hour flight to Chicago. Ugh."
Punti positivi: "The boarding was fast and smooth"
Punti negativi: "The food"
Punti positivi: "Crew."
Punti negativi: "Too many ads and promotional messages, not letting to use entertainment system much."
Punti positivi: "Great crew... and good legroom..."
Punti negativi: "No entertainment like video etc."
Punti negativi: "The tickets were booked on Turkish air but serviced by Air Canada. Neither company could change flights, check in or check me out of each other's systems. This caused most of my late night delays and struggles. Beware when using either or other online companies serving other vendors"
Punti negativi: "We were flown by AnadoluJet which is a fully owned subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. We were notified of that change until checking in time. The seats weren't comfortable and leg space was too small. The food was poor. A chess sandwich and nothing else."
Punti positivi: "Ho viaggiato con diverse compagnie aeree compresa Emirates e thai e devo dire che anche questa è una ottima compagnia... Forse un punto in meno sul cibo ma tutto sommato è un ottima compagnia.. Puntuale.. Servizio ottimo e atterraggi fantastici... Bravi i piloti!!"
Punti negativi: "Come detto un punto in meno sul cibo... Tutto il resto ottimo."
Punti negativi: "delayed!"
Punti positivi: "Well, Due to craziness at Atatürk airport my 11am flight arrived to Istanbul at 3pm.. which was the time of my connecting flight to NY. I was lucky that the flight was being delayed too.. so I got to board my flight 3:40pm. However, due to high traffic at Atatürk airport my New York flight departed at 5pm. Overall there was just a 2 hour delay, however the experience of transferring was quite stressful, not to mention that my bags didn't make it to New York. I just wished that the connecting flight information was not offline in the Ankara Istanbul train so that I didn't panic as much. Overall I made it safe and sound to my destination by the magic of plane transportation.. so thank you to all the engineers, staff, pilot, cabin crew and oil companies that did so much to bring me home. Renan"
Punti negativi: "I missed this flight also and tried to get a refund for it because the times were not good for me."
Punti negativi: "Boarding by bus Staff did not enforce priority lane for business and star alliance GOLD Waited long time in the bus"
Punti positivi: "Turkish Air has some of the best flight attendants in the business. The food is essentially gourmet (hot wrap, in this case), and the pilots are highly skilled."
Punti negativi: "This is not a Turkish Airlines issue, per se, but an airport problem. Ataturk is very spread out and there are far more planes than gates. More often than not, the plane parks way out in the back 40, and shuttle buses take you to a processing point. If you have less than a 2 Hr layover, and you're switching between Domestic and International flights, you will need to walk at top speeds, or run. Passport Control and multiple security checkpoints could easily cause you to miss your flight."
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Misure di sicurezza per le compagnie aeree che partono da Provincia di Ankara e arrivano per Bologna

Le compagnie aeree che partono da Provincia di Ankara e arrivano per Bologna hanno messo in atto misure di sicurezza aggiuntive e adeguato le loro politiche per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei viaggiatori. Le politiche variano in base alla compagnia aerea.

Sanificazione potenziata

Pulizia quotidiana, installazione di filtri HEPA a bordo dei voli da Provincia di Ankara per Bologna

Mascherine obbligatorie

Mascherine obbligatorie a bordo, mascherine fornite sui voli da Provincia di Ankara per Bologna

Organizzazione dei posti in base al distanziamento sociale

Posto centrale non disponibile per la prenotazione dei voli da Provincia di Ankara per Bologna

Test pre-volo

Test per anticorpi, test per sintomi per i voli da Provincia di Ankara per Bologna

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